McConaghy House, Hayward, CA (10/22/16): Caught Out in Back of House

These were also taken the night of the Shrouded Tales tour at McConaghy. This is on the back right side of the house. The first photo shows you what this area looks like normally. The following photos were taken in the same area. Notice the right rear quadrant of the photo. This photo was taken just a few seconds later. I'm not sure if the long white swoosh is somehow, now, this straight line or if it's something else entirely. Read more [...]

McConaghy House, Hayward, CA (10/22/16): Swoosh in Parking Lot

October is the month for the Shrouded Tales tours led by Hayward Area Historical Society volunteers. The tours revolve around the traditions and beliefs the Victorians held about death, dying, and burial. This is all done as we tour the inside of the properties (Meek and McConaghy). It's really fascinating to see how people in the Victorian period saw death, and to compare that with our traditions and beliefs today. These photos were taken in the parking lot at McConaghy House. In the Read more [...]

McConaghy House, Hayward, CA (8/20/16): “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and Rem Pod in Attic

This video clip is courtesy of Gail Reilly, Founder and Lead Investigator of Norcal Ghost Sleuths and a HAHS docent. Thanks, Gail! This video clip was recorded in the Attic of McConaghy House. The Attic in previous investigations has been a pretty active place and tonight was no exception. There is a chair in the Attic that's given us some good activity in the past, so I put my Rem Pod on it. This photo shows where the Rem Pod is circled in red. We were doing a S7 Spirit Box Read more [...]

Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (10/1/16): Out in Front of The Meek

These photos were taken standing outside The Meek after our break. Why were standing outside The Meek instead of being inside and continuing our investigation? Well, the front door to the Meek wouldn't unlock! Something had happened while we were on break to the lock and the key would not open the door. We stood around the front of The Meek while the docents tried to find another way in. (They weren't able to, so we had to end our investigation that night early. We'll reschedule Read more [...]

Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (10/1/16): “Flag Room” Orb-Thingy

Mike calls this the "Flag Room," because, once, there was an American flag banner in this room. Ever since then, the name's stuck. I always get a creepy feeling in this particular room. Might be because the ceiling is slanted and it's painted a dark color. These photos were taken in the closet in the Flag Room. In this photo, you just see the closet. Look at the floor in the closet by the door. Now, in this photo, notice the white light thing-y that almost looks like a (somewhat Read more [...]

Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (10/1/16): In the Hallway in Front of the Dining Room

Gotta love the Meek. I've even made it into a verb since I get to investigate this location on a regular basis and have such a good time. As in, "Hey, we get to Meek tonight!" (E.g., investigate Meek Mansion) Note: I get to do these investigations for free as a docent-in-training. Normally, the paranormal investigation costs $85 a person. But, as a docent, you'd get in for free! Of course, you have to lead an investigation group around the Meek rather than just be part of the group, but Read more [...]

Cult of Gemini/TwinStar Podcast Episode 007 (8/16)

At the end of August, I was on the 2016 Summer Paranormal Tour with Joanne Chapa, Laura Johnson, and other friends that took me to Grass Valley, California. It's quite a nice Gold Country town, with a number of stores that focus on unique, quality items (i.e., they don't sell tourist-y stuff). One of these stores is the Cult of Gemini, owned and operated by Kathy Frey and Ginger Lazarus. It's an interesting store, offering tarot decks and other metaphysical and unusual items for sale. Read more [...]

Undisclosed Location, SF Bay Area, CA (9/10/16): How Long Should the Isolation Sessions Be?

I cannot disclose the location of this investigation. Suffice it to say that it was pretty active. Three of us went upstairs to do individual isolation sessions. You'll hear our movements and then Chris says, "And how long are we going to stay in here?" There's some human talk and then a male disembodied voice. Can you make out what the voice is saying? This isn't an EVP as I could clearly hear the voice at the time of the recording. And I could clearly hear the voice coming from Read more [...]

Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, CA (8/29/16): More Light in the Basement

These photos were also taken when Laura J, Joanne, and I were investigating the Basement. Photo 1A: 2 odd streaks of white/light. Photo 1B: Here's Photo 1A with the 2 streaks circled in red. Photo 2A: And more streaks. This was taken immediately after Photo 1A. Photo 2B: The streaks in Photo 2A are circled. Photo 3: And this is the last photo I took in this series. It was taken immediately after Photo 2A. Read more [...]

Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, CA (8/29/16): Streak of Light in Basement

After dinner on 8/29/16 (see photo of light streak in The Owl's Dining Room in prior post), Laura J, Joanne, and I set out to investigate the Holbrooke. There are many, many stories about the Holbrooke being haunted. Supposedly, we weren't staying in a haunted room (we were in room 10) and the one that was supposed to be haunted (room 8), which was several doors down from our room, was already occupied by someone else. It should be no surprise that room 10 wound up having paranormal activity Read more [...]