McConaghy House (8/20/16): Streak in Carriage House

I took these photos at the end of our investigation in the Carriage House. I wanted to take photos of the old carriages because, at the start of the evening, I had heard a single creaking noise that sounded like someone getting into the carriage right behind where I was sitting. These 3 photos were taken in rapid succession from the same spot. Photo One: Before photo. Photo Two: Something small streaking past the carriage on the right side. Photo Three: And now Read more [...]

McConaghy House (8/20/16): “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”

Photo One: This is a photo I took on the second floor, at the stairs, during the House tour. I am facing toward the back end of the house, where there are stairs to the attic, 2 more rooms, and a bathroom. Right now, everything but the stairs to the attic are closed to the public. In the far hall, you'll notice a big green hat on what looks like a pile of clothes. I took Photo One because I've always felt that there was a paranormal presence in this hallway whenever I have investigated Read more [...]

Unidentified Location, San Jose, CA (8/6/16): “No, I’m Good. Thank you.”

I've found a lot of possible EVPs that were recorded in the Front Parlor. Here's another one. In this 2nd generation recording, Laura J asks the spirits to let us know if they need anything from us. I can hear a disembodied voice say what sounds like, "No, I'm good. Thank you." This is then followed by several different disembodied voices speaking but I can't make out what they're saying. One may be saying, "I do." Read more [...]

Sacramento Underground Tour (6/11/16): Part 2

These 2nd generation clips were recorded during an EVP session conducted under one of the buildings in Old Sacramento. For more information about why there are underground sections of Old Sacramento, please see "Sacramento Underground Tour (6/11/16): Part 1." I think some/most of the "EVPs" in Part 1 and Part 2 may be outside contamination from the people walking and talking around the area we were in. It was past 6 pm on a busy Saturday. I'm including several clips here so you can better Read more [...]

Sacramento Underground Tour (6/11/16): Part 1

These 2nd generation clips were recorded in one of the underground areas that are open for the public tours in Old Sacramento. The underground area is actually the floor of the original city of Sacramento. The flood of 1861-1862 forced the city to raise the floor of buildings by as much as 14 feet in order to escape future floods. We were able to conduct one EVP session in this area. During the session, noises from people walking around Old Sacramento could be heard (footsteps, voices), Read more [...]

Mare Island (5/28/16): The Cemetery

These clips were recorded in the cemetery. In the background, you'll hear birds and the breeze that was blowing. Clip 1: Mirna asks if there are any spirits present, if they could make their presence known to us. There is the sound of a woodpecker, perhaps letting us know about the spirits around us. This is a 2nd generation recording. The sound of a woodpecker doing his thing is not something regularly heard in the Bay Area, so when heard, it's something distinctive and likely Read more [...]

Mare Island (5/28/16): The Museum, Part 3

These were recorded in different areas of the Museum on Mare Island. Clip 1: Laura J says, "I like it, like it a lot." A male disembodied voice clearly says something in reply. Can you make out what it's saying? The next 2 clips were recorded during an EVP session in the conference room. The 2 clips are both 2nd generation recordings. Clip 2: Someone asks, "Did you like living on the base?" Immediately, a male voice says, "I do." Then, at the 3 second mark, I can hear Read more [...]

Mare Island (5/28/16): “Wait–where are you standing?!?”

This was recorded in the exhibit room with the brown couch. In this clip, you'll hear Chris ask Brian if he's going to ask a question or pass. Brian replies, "Pass." Right after this, I can hear a disembodied voice clearly say something. Can you make out what is being said? Here's the same moment, only slowed down. Read more [...]