Cohen Bray House (Oakland, CA 3/1/14)

I’ve gone over the evidence I collected during the nighttime investigation on Saturday, 3/1/14, of the Cohen Bray House located in Oakland, California.  Nothing spectacular to report, except that I caught my first EVP!  Not bad, considering this was my first time using my investigation strategy.  (While I’ve gone on several ghost hunts prior to the Cohen Bray House, I didn’t really have a system set up to collect evidence.  This time, I did.)

I’ve selected the following snippets from the full recording of the investigation that are what I consider the best of the evidence that I caught.  I won’t give away here what I think is being said/going on.  Check the Recording ID page for what I think I heard.  Feel free to email me at mail(at)ghostworld(dot)org if you want to compare notes.

Cohen Bray House recording 1:



Note:  This is my recording of someone else’s recording.  What you hear was caught on the other person’s recording.  My recording is from the playback of the other person’s recording.  What’s happening is this person is playing back their recording of that mini EVP session.  We hear a sound and then replay this section from the other person’s recorder several times in a row to verify what we heard.  You are listening for the quiet whisper in between what the living people are saying.  At the time, no one (well, one of the living investigators) was whispering.

Cohen Bray House recording 2:



Note:  This was caught on my original recording of the investigation.  Listen for it at the .11 mark of the recording.  It’s possible the sound was made by the guy who was standing next to me in the 3rd floor attic room, who speaks right after the exhale.  But I’m not sure.  To me, it sounds like someone was standing right over my digital recorder and making the noise.  The guy next to me didn’t get near my recorder to make a sound like this.  Also, the sound has that breathy, airy sound that I associate with EVPs.  So I’m including it as possible evidence.

Cohen Bray House recording 3:



Note:  This was caught on my original recording of the investigation in the 3rd floor attic room during a 1.5 minute period of silence.  What’s neat about this EVP is that it was heard on my original recording during an EVP session that was being recorded by someone else; we replayed the other person’s recording right away.  Listen for the sound at the .53 mark of the recording. When the other person’s recording was played back of this moment, you can’t hear any EVP!  This is also my FIRST EVP!  It’s so cool to have such a nice, clear EVP for my first.  A few minutes before this EVP, I had commented that a book in the room was titled, “Head Hunting in the Solomon Islands,” and our group leader did encourage the spirits to communicate with us during this 1.5 minutes of silence. I think my comment is somehow related to the EVP but can’t explain why.

Cohen Bray House recording 4:



Note:  This was caught on my original recording.  Listen for the sound made at the .28 mark of the recording.

Here is an Excel spreadsheet I made to document most of what went on during the 5 hour investigation:

If you want more information about the Cohen Bray House, go to:

If you live nearby or travel to the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend a tour of the House.  The inside is beautifully decorated, with much of the room detail and furniture from the first generation who lived in the House.  At one time, the house and land were part of the Oak Tree Farms area of Oakland.  For more information about this area, go to:

Thanks to my fellow ghost investigators that night!  If any of you have evidence that you’d like to post to share with others, contact me and I’ll be glad to add it to this post–with proper credit to you, of course!

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to join us on a future ghost hunt, check out the site for Bay Area Ghost Hunters:

Meanwhile, keep those recorders going:  You never know what you’ll catch.

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