Month: April 2014

End of May: When I’ll Post My Preston Castle EVPs

Life intervenes in my ghost hunting. I am leaving for vacation and will be back 5/12/14. I was hoping to process all of my EVPs and post them before I left, but that just didn't happen. I am planning to post the best EVPs by the end of May. Sorry for the delay. I can tell you that I recorded EVPs in every room we were in, including the first floor entryway and in the break room. The most active locations were on the 3rd floor and, of course, in the Staff Dining Room. I can't believe Read more [...]

EVPs and Other Sounds from the Pardee Home (4/5/14)

Here is the best of what I captured during the Pardee Home (Oakland, California) investigation the night of 4/15/14. I'll start off with what I think is the most interesting EVP of them all. In the first clip you'll hear what I think is an EVP from a male voice. You'll hear it right after the two women talk about the bathroom and the toilet, at the 10 second mark. That night, there were 2 men in our group, but the EVP doesn't sound like either one of them. The EVP is looped so you'll hear Read more [...]

Is This One of Us? (Preston 4/12/14)

In this clip, you'll hear Laura J. ask, "Is there someone here named Mike?" followed by the table creaking because one of us sitting there shifted. I think I can faintly hear something at the 3 second mark. Continuing on, you'll hear a sharp click sound at 6 seconds. Listen for the sound at the 7 second mark. Is this one of us speaking? Can anyone identify who among us might have said this? Read more [...]

Make Up Your Mind! (Preston 4/12/14)

Another EVP from the now infamous Staff Dining Room on the first floor, during the session with the whole group. I've included the first 5 seconds. Laura J. hears something and asks us if we heard it, too; I left this in for you so you can see if you hear anything. The EVP I can hear is just after the 15 second mark on the clip, towards the end. (I am still reviewing the audio from the Dining Room and have not yet hit the point where things turned nasty. Just in case you're wondering how Read more [...]

Could You Say that Any Clearer? (Preston 4/12/14)

This clip is from the Dining Room when we were all together at the end of the investigation. Stuff was starting to happen (breezes, temperature fluctuations, smell of pipe smoke, feeling really cold). Sandra was trying to talk to something possibly calling itself Jeremy, a name that was caught on an earlier EVP in the same room. She asks, "Were you touching my foot earlier?" and there's a response. I don't think the EVP could be any clearer. Read more [...]

MP3 file of Dining Room Session at End of Night (Preston 4/12/14)

For size reasons, I had to split up my recording of the Dining Room session at the end of the night. This is the first half of that recording; I will post the second half later today. This half is before things got kind of nasty. I can't believe how many EVPs there are!   Read more [...]

“Do you have a message from Laura?” (Preston 4/12/14)

Another EVP during the full group session in the Dining Room. This is from someone else's playback caught on my recording. You'll hear Pam ask, "Do you have a message from Laura?" Listen carefully after she says this, near the 5 second mark on the clip. I hear a whisper and a sound. I heard that sound earlier, too. Note the faint beeping in the background, like from a heart monitor. We heard this on a playback earlier when our group was in the Doctor's Office. At first, I thought this Read more [...]

Anyone Want to Debunk These EVPs? (Preston 4/12/14)

Take a listen to this and let's see if one of the human, living guys might have said these things. In this clip, we've just started--and interrupted--Laura J's playback of the time when she was in the little room. You can hear her tell Jim to play his recording for the group. Laura J. then says, "who wants to sit here and hear the majority of silence but...." and there's a very clear EVP at 7 seconds in but I can't (once again) tell what is being said. Right after this, Laura J. says, Read more [...]

“What’s being served for dinner tonight?” (Preston 4/12/14)

I have just started listening to my recording of the time when the entire group was in the Dining Room. Laura J. asks, "Do you know what's being served for dinner tonight?" You'll hear something bang on the wooden table (one of the humans), a pause where I hear a voice, and then one of us tags the sound by saying "flashlight." Based on what I hear (which may be incorrect), it sounds like the voice is giving an intelligent response to Laura's question. Read more [...]

In the Little Room: What Is Being Said? (Preston Castle 4/12/14)

I captured this while our group was in the Dining Room. Laura J. had put me and Charles in the little room off the Dining Room. Charles and I were sitting in the dark with one window out onto the darkness. Charles and I are not talking, but we can hear a little of the talking going on in the Dining Room by the others. There's a somewhat loud whisper at the 5 second mark on this clip. Although I can clearly hear someone/thing saying something, I can't make it out. Anyone want to give it a try? I Read more [...]