Pardee House 4/5/14 In the Cupola

I am in the middle of reviewing my recording of the Pardee House investigation last Saturday night. I have some solid responses from my first generation recording that I’ll post later but thought I’d share a particularly clear EVP.

I was in the third floor cupola with Laura J., Jim, and Laura. We were in the middle of playing back Laura J’s recording of an EVP session that we’d just finished. Jim’s Mel Meter went off during the replay. You will hear Laura and Jim talking about this.

In this 9 second clip, you’ll hear Jim say, “I could hear it in there too…lit up here….” There is a noise (that came from us but I can’t tell what is making the noise), then a brief moment of silence. In the silence, at 8 seconds, you’ll hear a clear whisper that seems to be responding to Jim.

I love EVP work!

More later.

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