Preston Castle (4/12/14): Early Results

I have reviewed the first third of my recording of the Preston Castle investigation last Saturday. I’ve gotten quite a few EVPs and noises. This is probably the best one so far:

We were in the turret room on the second floor (right side of the Castle) and had started an Ovillus session. Laura J. had just asked what the room was used for when the Castle was the School of Industry. Just before the EVP, the docent says, “I think all of the end ones [rooms] were offices.” In the silence, you’ll hear an EVP Continue listening to the entire clip, as it seems as if the voice is related to what happens next.

It’s possible that the EVP was uttered by one of the three men in the room at the time. The only one who was not familiar with our ghost hunting equipment would’ve been the firefighter, so it’s possible the EVP comes from him. But I doubt it as our firefighter was pretty quiet during the entire investigation and he’d already seen this device in use in the basement (which we did before the turret room).

What do you think?

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