In the Little Room: What Is Being Said? (Preston Castle 4/12/14)

I captured this while our group was in the Dining Room. Laura J. had put me and Charles in the little room off the Dining Room. Charles and I were sitting in the dark with one window out onto the darkness. Charles and I are not talking, but we can hear a little of the talking going on in the Dining Room by the others. There’s a somewhat loud whisper at the 5 second mark on this clip. Although I can clearly hear someone/thing saying something, I can’t make it out. Anyone want to give it a try?

I should also note that, shortly after this clip and while I was still in the little room with Charles, I could see something moving in the shadows. I also saw a dim light shining on the wall next to me through the door between the little room and the Dining Room that had been left slightly open. (Because of this little opening, you can hear the rest of the group in the Dining Room, so some light and noise could come through that opening into the little room.) The light was about six inches high and at near the bottom of the wall.

I thought it was a flashlight being used by the others in the Dining Room, so I ask if anyone out there is using a flashlight; they replied that they weren’t using any flashlights. The light I saw in the little room was somewhat constant for the last few minutes I was in the little room. I didn’t say anything to Charles, because I wasn’t quite sure what I’d seen. I have no explanation for the light source or what exactly I saw.

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