Preston Castle (4/12/14): What We Heard in the Doctor’s Office

I don’t quite know what to say about these EVPs, so I’ll just briefly explain them and let you listen to what was captured on someone else’s recording. (What you’re listening to–except for the first clip–is my recording of someone else’s recording being played back right after a quick EVP session.)

These EVPs and EAPs were taken while Laura J. was lying down on the doctor’s table that was in the Office, pretending to be a patient in need of medical care.

This first set of clips are probably the most intriguing ones for me. Listen to the two clips. The first one is what I heard–and what my DVR recorded. This was during a quick EVP session. In the second clip, you’ll hear my recording of someone else’s playback (what I call a second generation recording). Note the dramatic differences in the sounds in the second clip compared to the first one.

Clip One

Clip Two

In the first clip, you’ll clearly hear someone in our group say to her friend, “that one turned out…”, talking about a photo she’d just taken in the room. I’m not sure how it ended up sounding the way it does in the second clip. This person’s camera made noises as she was taking the photos, but, as you can tell from the first clip, there is no “doo dup” sound. My recording and the second generation recording were both captured by DVRs that were sitting on the same wooden table in the Doctor’s Office. I’m actually not sure what’s going on in the second clip, I just know there’s a bunch of sounds in it that I (and my DVR) didn’t hear at the time of the original recording.

Adding to the intrigue is that, during the EVP playback session, we listened to two different DVR recordings of the same segment, as 2 people were running DVRs. One of the two captured what you hear in Clip Two; the other DVR recording didn’t capture anything, just as my 1 generation recording didn’t.

How about this one?

In this same clip, there’s another EVP at the end of the question, “Is it OK that she’s laying on your table?” It’s repeated twice in this clip. In the first round, you’ll hear the EVP, a slight pause, and then me, saying softly, “Wow” in response to the EVP we’ve just heard on the playback.

“How many patients died?”

“Am I in the right hospital?”

“Where’s the triage nurse?” (The sound is at the very end of the clip and faint.)

“Does she need surgery?”

Whisper and Audio Clip Orphan

This was caught in the playback of the EVP session. I can’t match up what the syllable/word is with my original recording. See if you can catch what’s said just before the human voice and if you can figure out what’s being said.

More from Preston Castle later this week. I still have to go through the last 2 rooms we did all together!

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