EVPs and Other Sounds from the Pardee Home (4/5/14)

Here is the best of what I captured during the Pardee Home (Oakland, California) investigation the night of 4/15/14.

I’ll start off with what I think is the most interesting EVP of them all. In the first clip you’ll hear what I think is an EVP from a male voice. You’ll hear it right after the two women talk about the bathroom and the toilet, at the 10 second mark. That night, there were 2 men in our group, but the EVP doesn’t sound like either one of them. The EVP is looped so you’ll hear it 3 times.

What’s interesting and thought-provoking is what the humans said in the room right after that EVP. That’s in the second clip and starts near the 42 second mark. There are 2 conversations going on, so it might take you a few tries to figure out what each conversation is about. You’ll find that the 2 separate conversations were talking about the same thing as the EVP!

If that’s an EVP in the first clip, then it raises some interesting possibilities about whatever/whomever vocalized the EVP in the first clip.

The EVP comes just a few seconds before the talking by the humans but seems to be clearly related to what they say. Does that mean the EVP maker knew what was going to be said after he/she/it spoke? While it could be a coincidence, I would like to think it’s more likely that whatever/whomever made the EVP was certainly listening to the humans and wanted to add his/her/its two cents in!

Here are the other EVPs from that night. As usual, what you’re hearing is exactly what I recorded at the time. I’m still learning to use WavePad and haven’t figured out how to do anything more than play, copy, and paste. None of these EVPs have been altered or enhanced in any way.

This isn’t an EVP but it’s an unusual sound heard in the Carriage House. You’ll hear it as the playback of Laura J’s recording starts up, at the 9 second mark.

This was also caught in the Carriage House. On replay, “Are you happy that we’re here?” Listen for the little sound at the 6 second mark.

Onto the 3rd floor of the Home, the Cupola!

Even though it was a relatively busy night outside with the traffic, I swear I could hear voices faintly talking the entire time my group was in the Cupola, as if a radio was with us, playing softly in the background. Of course, there was no radio. We were up pretty high, so I don’t think what I was hearing was coming from people talking as they passed by the Home on the street. This clip will give you a good sense of what I was hearing when we were in the Cupola; loud enough to hear over the human voices but faint enough that I can’t make out what exactly is being said.

More muttering in the Cupola.

“How often do you come to the observatory, to the Cupola, to look out?” Listen closely at the 10 second mark. I notice that, just before this EVP, the sound field turns echo-y, and the EVP also sound echo-y.

This was taken right after our break. I was standing in the Dining Room with Jim, waiting for the rest of the group to return from the Bathroom. I had Jim listen to this clip to see if he could recognize his voice; he said the EVP didn’t sound like him and I have to agree. I can’t make out what is being said.

This next set is from the “Curio Room” right off the Billiard Room. In this clip, I can hear the voice but can’t make out what’s being said. Can you?

Still in the Curio Room. “Because out there they said there’s nobody in the Pardee family that stays in this room.” Listen to the EVP on the playback at the 5 second mark; the clip is replayed and you’ll hear it again at the 19 second mark.

Time for roll call! “Are there any members of the Pardee family with us today?” There’s an EVP at the 9 second mark.

This is on the second floor, in the Master Bedroom. On previous investigations here, the name Joaquin has come up and so someone wanted to know if Joaquin was in the room with us. You’ll first hear someone ask if anyone else can hear breathing sounds. I love Laura J’s answer: “I hear it but it’s not one of us.” Very non-chalantly. (Of course, this is pretty common stuff for Laura J, who gets an incredible number of responses when she’s investigating.) Then someone asks if it’s Joaquin who we hear breathing. Listen for the snort at the 16 second mark. The sound is replayed two more times.

I posted these a few weeks ago, but I’ll include them here to complete this collection. This is in the Billiard Room. Someone/something really wanted us to know what it was doing!

And this was heard in the 3rd floor Cupola. You’ll hear Jim and Laura J. talk about Jim’s Mel Meter going off. Right after he says “…lit up here,” I hear an EVP.

That’s it this time for the Pardee Home! I return on 6/1/14 for a daytime tour of the Pardee Home and will hope to catch more EVPs from this wonderful location.

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