End of May: When I’ll Post My Preston Castle EVPs

Life intervenes in my ghost hunting. I am leaving for vacation and will be back 5/12/14.

I was hoping to process all of my EVPs and post them before I left, but that just didn’t happen. I am planning to post the best EVPs by the end of May. Sorry for the delay.

I can tell you that I recorded EVPs in every room we were in, including the first floor entryway and in the break room.

The most active locations were on the 3rd floor and, of course, in the Staff Dining Room. I can’t believe all the EVPs that happened in the Dining Room, it was like the spirits (or whatever they are) couldn’t shut up while we were in there!

Because I have so many EVPs, I will be releasing them in posts separated by floor. Stay tuned!

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