Month: May 2014

Meek Mansion (5/24/14): Third Floor Right Front Room–Debunk?

This is from the Third Floor front right side room, as we were transitioning to the Chair Room (with the chairs you can sit in, rear of building). Laura J. is telling us that "we can leave the doors [to the hallway] closed" as we move to the next room. I hear something very clearly at the 8 second mark and am wondering if it's someone in our group. It's not me. Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (5/24/14): Third Floor Room EVPs

I've just started listening to my recording from this investigation. My group (Laura J., Chris, Mike, Nikki, Diane, Donna, me) had just started our first EVP session in the front room on the third floor on the right side (as you face the front door) of the building. I've caught a few EVPs already. Give a listen and let me know what you're hearing. I can hear things but can't make out what's being said. Clip One: "The left bedroom off the Jack and Jill bedroom...." Right after this, I hear Read more [...]

Preston Castle (4/12/14): Dining Room At End of Night: Part 3 (of 3)

I was not able to determine when these EVPs happened, so they're listed in no particular order. Clip 12: This is an interesting one. This is my recording of the playback from Laura J's DVR. I can't make out what's being said, I just know something IS being said. Clip 13: I hear a woman's voice saying something, right after the sound of the wooden chair creaking and before Laura J. says, "All I know is they think Matt's hot." Clip 14: "Come in here." You'll hear the EVP at 8 Read more [...]

Preston Castle (4/12/14): Dining Room At End of Night: Part 2 (of 3)

These EVPs are presented in the order in which they happened. Clip 7: "Were there any females?" Clip 8: In this 3nd generation recording, you'll hear a mix of noise at the beginning of the clip. Then, at 20 seconds, I hear a breathy, "Yeah," followed by, "Jeremy. This is then replayed several times. " Clip 8: Some in the group thought we were talking to Jeremy, so they asked if he was happy that we were there. You'll hear the EVP just before someone says, "Yes." (This was someone Read more [...]

Preston Castle (4/12/14): Dining Room At End of Night: Part 1 (of 3)

These EVPs are from the Dining Room with the entire group. (This is the session where things went wild.) I have posted them in the approximate timeline in which they occurred to see if there's any pattern leading up to the outburst. I will post these EVPs in 3 parts, since there are a lot of them. While we were in the Dining Room, a number of odd things happened. At different times, people smelled hand sanitizer and a pipe/cigar. My Mel Meter was reading a pretty steady .1 during most of Read more [...]

Preston Castle (4/12/14): Dining Room At End of Night: Breathing, One of Us or???

I've got quite a few of clips with what sounds like a human breath or breathing. I'm posting 3 examples of this. All of them are from the session in the Dining Room with the entire group. I'm wondering if I'm hearing one of us sitting a the table take an audible breath/breathing instead of an EVP/EAP. Does anyone have any ideas? "Keep breathing." In this long clip, I do hear what sounds like someone breathing in and out (along with the EVP, "dude"). To me, it sounds like a male and Read more [...]

Preston Castle (4/12/14): Up On the Third Floor, Part Two

Here are the rest of the EVPs from the Third Floor. At the time, people thought the EVP said, "Take my hand." You'll hear the EVP first at 17 seconds. Then you'll hear it played back a few more times. This EVP was caught in the stairwell. I hear something at the 3 second mark, right before Laura J. says, "Third Floor," but I can't make out what's being said. The next two clips are meant to be heard together, because the sounds are similar. In this one, you'll hear a distinct, Read more [...]

Preston Castle (4/12/14): Up On the Third Floor, Part One

All of these EVPs were recorded on the Third Floor in the room right across from the main staircase. "How many spirits are here?" Listen for the answer right after the question is asked. Laura J. puts the Ovillus in Q&A mode and then asks,"How old are you?" This is a second generation recording. The EVP is then played several more times. Three, four: Listen for the reply to Laura's counting question. You'll hear someone cough and then Laura J says, "I should do it just Read more [...]

Preston Castle (4/12/14): What Was that Word?

Here's one of the cool EVPs from Preston Castle. My group is up on the third floor in the room right in front of the stairs, and we're listening to an instant playback of an EVP session. In the clip, you'll hear Laura J. asking the spirits to tell us a word we'd tried to have them communicate to 2 people earlier in the night: Horseradish. I clearly hear, "radish." Some people think they can also hear the word "horse" right in front of that. Just for fun, I've included some of our responses. Read more [...]