Preston Castle (4/12/14): More EVPs

I’m back from vacation, so it’s back to processing and posting EVPs from Preston Castle. I’m trying to finish posting all of my EVPs from this investigation, as I’ve got to listen to 4 hours of recordings taken during my vacation and will be investigating the Meek Mansion in Hayward, California on 5/24/14. Ahhh, so many EVPs and so little time! But I’m not complaining at all.

Here’s one from the Break Room. I’ve looped it so you’ll hear what I think is an EVP three times. I don’t think it’s from one of the people who were standing near me.

This one was caught during the walk up to the Castle from the back side. My group had just left the Break Room and were headed to our first round of investigating. You’ll hear the EVP at 17 seconds in. The first 16 seconds will give you a sense of the background noise at the time as we were walking: the sound of small rocks under our feet and a soft conversation between some women walking behind me. There were 2 guys in our group but the EVP doesn’t sound like either one of them. (The EVP sounds like a male voice.) The EVP sounds close to me and I don’t recall anyone saying this.

This EVP was caught during one of the times when the group took a break. We were in the main entryway on the first floor.

This one is also from the entryway. The group was waiting to resume the investigation and a lot of people were talking. In the middle of the talking, you’ll hear a whistle. It sounds like it’s coming from a person. It could be one of us…or not. I’m including it because I heard that other people heard and/or caught whistles on that night, too.

The next 2 EVPs were caught in Company B.

In this one, I hear what I think is a female humming at 11 seconds in. When I re-listened to this EVP today, I now think I can hear an EVP at the 8 second mark but I can’t make out what’s being said. At the time, Laura J. was in the stairwell in the corner of the room, because she heard something in that direction and was checking it out. A male docent was with her.

In this clip, Laura J. is still in the stairwell with the male docent. You’ll hear me tagging what they are doing for my recording and then a creaking sound coming from one of us in the group. Right after this, you’ll hear what I think is a moan 15 seconds in. I’ve included a long buffer before and after the moan, so you’ll get a sense of the background sounds happening at the time.

I will post more EVPs in another entry.

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