Preston Castle (4/12/14): Up On the Third Floor, Part One

All of these EVPs were recorded on the Third Floor in the room right across from the main staircase.

“How many spirits are here?” Listen for the answer right after the question is asked.

Laura J. puts the Ovillus in Q&A mode and then asks,”How old are you?” This is a second generation recording. The EVP is then played several more times.

Three, four: Listen for the reply to Laura’s counting question.

You’ll hear someone cough and then Laura J says, “I should do it just to see if it works.” After a few seconds, I hear a female giggle and then a male voice say a solid, “No.”

Just before the end of the clip, you’ll hear Laura J. ask if Debbie made an “ouch” sound. Debbie replies, “Yeah.” Let me know what you hear. I know what I hear and want to test my EVP listening skills.

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