Preston Castle (4/12/14): Up On the Third Floor, Part Two

Here are the rest of the EVPs from the Third Floor.

At the time, people thought the EVP said, “Take my hand.” You’ll hear the EVP first at 17 seconds. Then you’ll hear it played back a few more times.

This EVP was caught in the stairwell. I hear something at the 3 second mark, right before Laura J. says, “Third Floor,” but I can’t make out what’s being said.

The next two clips are meant to be heard together, because the sounds are similar. In this one, you’ll hear a distinct, single beep in the first second. You’ll hear the same sound at the 6 second mark. These were not heard at the time of the recording and I’m not sure what made the sounds. Then, you’ll hear me ask, “Do you have something to say right now?” There’s another squeak of some kind, almost like a response. I have to consider that it might be a bird.

However, the next clip makes me think the squeak is not from a bird. Squeaks are also heard on this clip at 5 seconds in. No one heard them at the time of the recording. The squeaks sound like they’re close to my DVR and not like they’re coming from the outside (birds). My DVR is pretty new, so it’s possible that it malfunctioned in some way and produced the squeaks. I’ll monitor future DVR recordings to see if there’s a problem with my DVR.

There are 2 EVPs in this one. The first one comes at 7 seconds and can be heard over Laura J., who’s talking. It sounds like a second one can be heard just before the clip ends. I can’t make out what’s being said.

This one is a second generation recording. In it, you’ll hear Laura J. say, “As long as the next word isn’t out, we’re OK.” I hear an “OK” right after she finishes.

In this second generation clip, you’ll hear the Ovillus suddenly say something which surprises everyone. You’ll hear someone swear and someone else say, “That scared the crap out of me!” The group laughs in response. But someone/something else was also laughing with (at?) us. You’ll hear a female giggle at 7 and 9 seconds. I don’t think this came from any of the women in the group.

In this one, you’ll hear me ask, “If there’s any spirits here with us, can you say something before we leave?” There’s a grunt or an “ugh” sound at 6 seconds. It’s something Laura J. heard at the time, because you’ll hear her say “What the hell was that noise?” I don’t recall hearing the noise at the time of the recording.

That’s it for the Third Floor. My last set of EVPs will come from the sessions with the entire group at the end of the night in the Dining Room and Infirmary. It’s going to take me some time to analyze and post them.

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