Preston Castle (4/12/14): What Was that Word?

Here’s one of the cool EVPs from Preston Castle. My group is up on the third floor in the room right in front of the stairs, and we’re listening to an instant playback of an EVP session.

In the clip, you’ll hear Laura J. asking the spirits to tell us a word we’d tried to have them communicate to 2 people earlier in the night: Horseradish. I clearly hear, “radish.” Some people think they can also hear the word “horse” right in front of that.

Just for fun, I’ve included some of our responses. You’ll hear some amazement, followed by confusion. Then you’ll hear the clip replayed several times.

I’m also posting the recording, taken earlier that night in the Turret Room, where Laura J. asks us to come up with a word for the spirits to communicate to Dori and Charles, who were seated in the small closet off the Dining Room. I volunteer horseradish. (I guess I was thinking about prime rib that night.) But I wanted the word to be unique and memorable. Thank you, spirits!

BTW: Dori and Charles were never told the word by the spirits while they were in the small closet.

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