Preston Castle (4/12/14): Dining Room At End of Night: Breathing, One of Us or???

I’ve got quite a few of clips with what sounds like a human breath or breathing. I’m posting 3 examples of this. All of them are from the session in the Dining Room with the entire group. I’m wondering if I’m hearing one of us sitting a the table take an audible breath/breathing instead of an EVP/EAP. Does anyone have any ideas?

“Keep breathing.”

In this long clip, I do hear what sounds like someone breathing in and out (along with the EVP, “dude”). To me, it sounds like a male and I’m wondering if it might’ve been Jim? He was sitting right across from me at the wooden table in the middle of the room.

More of that breathing noise:

What do you think that sound is? And who is it coming from?

UPDATE: One of the other investigators confirmed that this is breathing and it was coming from someone in the group.

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