Preston Castle (4/12/14): Dining Room At End of Night: Part 1 (of 3)

These EVPs are from the Dining Room with the entire group. (This is the session where things went wild.) I have posted them in the approximate timeline in which they occurred to see if there’s any pattern leading up to the outburst. I will post these EVPs in 3 parts, since there are a lot of them.

While we were in the Dining Room, a number of odd things happened. At different times, people smelled hand sanitizer and a pipe/cigar. My Mel Meter was reading a pretty steady .1 during most of the session, which could just be background EMF but might be related to all of the spirit activity. There were also some significant temperature fluctuations experienced by people sitting near me. My Mel Meter showed drops in temperature. It was so cold that my nose got cold–which doesn’t happen unless it is very cold! At one point, I felt a cold breeze come up from under the table and hit me in the face.

Laura J. reported seeing something sit down in the empty chair next to her. Through the entire session, Laura J. kept hearing voices out in the hallway. This is also where we captured that Infamous EVP that I’ll post separately. Laura J. also reported that, while standing in the hallway, a light orb flew down the hallway; she had to duck to avoid it hitting her. She also heard her name chanted repeatedly and someone/something was yelling at her.

Clip 1: “Can you tell us the name of the two people in the other room by themselves?” This is followed by whispering and a somewhat loud EVP on this 2nd generation recording. While I can hear the EVP, I can’t make out what’s being said.

Clip 2: This is when Laura J. saw something out one of the windows and wondered what it was. At 12 seconds in, I can hear whispering. At 16 seconds, someone/something says, “Bird.” At the time, the docents, who are familiar with the Castle and its surroundings, speculated that Laura J. had seen a bat. At the time, I don’t recall anyone saying it was a bird. I also think that, if one of the docents said, “Bird,” it’d be in a slightly echo-y voice. The docents sat at the far end of the Dining Room and were some distance away from my DVR.

Clip 3: In this clip, we are trying to communicate directly with the spirits. We’d put Laura J. in the small room off the Dining Room by herself. You’ll hear me ask, “What is the name of the person sitting in the small room?” At 7 seconds, I can hear a name. What do you hear? After that, Dori asks, “How many times has she been in this castle?” and I can hear faint whispering.

Clip 4: “Did you used to enjoy a warm fire when it was cold outside?” You’ll hear the EVP at 17 seconds, near the end of the clip. This is a good example of why it’s important to make sure there are long pauses of silence between questions. Sometimes the spirits can be slow to speak!

Clip 5: “Were you one of the wardens here?”

Clip 6: “Are you enjoying having people here tonight?” The EVP answers the question, just before the speaker says, “Oh, apparently” as her dowsing rods move.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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