Preston Castle (4/12/14): Dining Room At End of Night: Part 2 (of 3)

These EVPs are presented in the order in which they happened.

Clip 7: “Were there any females?”

Clip 8: In this 3nd generation recording, you’ll hear a mix of noise at the beginning of the clip. Then, at 20 seconds, I hear a breathy, “Yeah,” followed by, “Jeremy. This is then replayed several times.

Clip 8: Some in the group thought we were talking to Jeremy, so they asked if he was happy that we were there. You’ll hear the EVP just before someone says, “Yes.” (This was someone using dowsing rods.) I think the EVP says, “No.” What do you think?

clip 9: You’ll hear Laura J. say, “They’re answering questions….” At the 7 second mark, I hear whispering. I can make out the word, “table,” but nothing else.

Clip 10: “Could it be the fire?” At the time, people heard something that was also captured on my DVR.

Clip 11: “Is there an animal out there?” This is a clear EVP and it makes me wonder if it was one of us responding. Can someone help me debunk it?

Next up: Part 3.

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