Meek Mansion (5/24/14): Third Floor Right Front Room–Debunk?

This is from the Third Floor front right side room, as we were transitioning to the Chair Room (with the chairs you can sit in, rear of building). Laura J. is telling us that “we can leave the doors [to the hallway] closed” as we move to the next room. I hear something very clearly at the 8 second mark and am wondering if it’s someone in our group. It’s not me.

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  1. John Briones

    Ann I hear the whispers sounds like its saying (Good Job) I listened to the recording quit a few times .now depending on what the group was doing at that session , did anyone say whisper (Good Job) meaning a very good EVP session .But the whisper was very clear .nice job

    1. Chief Ghost Hunter *

      Hi John!

      At first, I thought it said, “hot child,” which doesn’t make any sense. I can hear how it could be “good job.” My group had just finished up in the front left room on the 3rd floor and were passing through the bathroom to the back left room (where the black chairs are). It sounds male but it doesn’t sound like Mike.