Month: May 2014

Preston Castle (4/12/14): What’s That?

I've already posted this previously but wanted to repost it. Just before Debbie's Mel Meter goes off, I hear a voice say, "What's that?" What do you hear? I've had others listen to the EVP and they don't hear that. I'd like it if the EVP was saying, "What's that?" because, right after that, Debbie's Mel Meter goes off. Wouldn't it be cool if a spirit saw the lights on the Mel Meter, wondered aloud what it was, and then touched the antenna, making the Mel Meter go off? Read more [...]

Preston Castle (4/12/14): More EVPs

I'm back from vacation, so it's back to processing and posting EVPs from Preston Castle. I'm trying to finish posting all of my EVPs from this investigation, as I've got to listen to 4 hours of recordings taken during my vacation and will be investigating the Meek Mansion in Hayward, California on 5/24/14. Ahhh, so many EVPs and so little time! But I'm not complaining at all. Here's one from the Break Room. I've looped it so you'll hear what I think is an EVP three times. I don't think it's Read more [...]