Preston Castle (4/12/14): Infirmary at End of Night

These clips are from the last session of the night, when we were all in the Infirmary.

Clip 1: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J. say, “Is there anything else you need?” to the spirt(s) that wanted her/us to leave. You’ll hear a chair creek and an EVP saying, “Laura.” It was clear enough at the time that Laura and others heard it with their own ears, and it was caught on the DVR. Charles tags the creek but then you’ll hear several of us insist that we heard something.

Clip 2: Laura J. asks if whatever that’s been speaking to us thinks we’re trespassing by being inside the Castle. There is a very faint response. Clearly this isn’t the same thing that told us to get out!

Clip 3: “Do you need Laura’s help to get us all out of here?” Another EVP that was heard by others at the time of the recording and caught on the DVR.

Clip 4: “What’s your name, tell us your name.”

Clip 5: At this point, we think we’re communicating with someone/thing named John and are trying to figure out what he/it wants from us. I can hear the EVP but not make out the words. Can you?

Clip 6: Laura J. says, “If you’re the spirit that I heard by the Dining Room that told us to get out of the house….”. There is a faint response.

Clip 7: This is a recording of Laura J’s playback. She’s addressing the spirit(s) when she says, “We’ve been here all night, why all of a sudden…” and you’ll hear the EVP. I can’t make out what it being said. Laura J. rewinds her recording to go back to that EVP. As she does so, I hear a “now” at the 9 second mark that doesn’t sound like it’s coming from any of us in the Infirmary. It isn’t heard on the playbacks after “now,” so that “now” is recorded directly by my DVR. After the second playback, I also hear a voice at the 17 second mark but am not sure if it’s one of us. (It sounds like it might be Jim.)

And that winds up my EVPs from Preston Castle! Now back to listening to more recordings from other investigations…..

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