Meek Mansion (5/24/14): SB7 Box Session in Modern Room

I’m pretty new to using the SB7. I have one but haven’t played around with it a lot, so I’m a little skeptical about what it can do–Even though the set-up I bought is based on the same one used by Zak Bagans on “Ghost Adventures.” From what I’ve seen on TV, he gets really good responses: clear, coherent, relevant. What I’d heard so far on my SB7 was something sweeping through radio frequencies and spitting out mostly syllables and occasionally a full, one syllable word. No big deal.

But these clips are making me re-evaluate the SB7’s use in my ghost hunting. What do you make of these clips?

Clip 1: This is a long one. First, you’ll hear someone ask, “Can you say your name, please?” At the 5 second mark, I hear an EVP say, “April.” (Which is interesting, given what follows.) Next, at 10 seconds you’ll hear a “hey” that’s pretty clear and not from the SB7; it’s possible that came from one of us. At the 16 second mark, you’ll hear the SB7 say “April” a few times.

clip 2: This is what followed Clip 1 in real time. It’s a whole string of “April”s! At the end of this clip, you’ll hear Laura J ask, “Do you know April?” and the SB7 says, “yeah.”

Even more interesting is the fact that one of us in the group IS named April! No one knew that, though, as she goes by her stage name (which is how BAGH knows her). Once “April” started coming up, she told us about her first name. It seems as if someone knew her given first name and knew her!

Clip 3: This one is for Laura J. I ask, “Is April here with us?” I hear a “Joaquin,” followed by “yeah.” Laura J., that guy follows you everywhere!

Clip 4: Laura J asks, “Joaquin, are you here?” (since, frequently, he is) and there’s a faint “yes.” It wouldn’t be a proper ghost hunt without Joaquin!

Clip 5: You’ll hear me ask, “What’s the name of the man sitting in the corner?” followed by what sounds like, “Mike.” Mike is the name of the man who was sitting in the corner. He was also the only man in my group that night.

Clip 6: Someone asks, “Can you please tell us your name?” I hear the reply, “Monique.”

Clip 7: You’ll hear me ask, “Why are you here tonight,” followed by a long silence. At 16 seconds, I hear the SB7 say “What’s” followed by “this cat.” I think this is funny, given all the cat action happening on the first floor that night (seeing cat shadows, the other group catching an EVP of a cat purring).

The last 2 clips are related. Earlier in the evening, Donna reported that her iOvilus (the Ovilus app for the iPad) said, “Jack.” So we’re following up on that.

Clip 8: “Is your name Jack?”

Clip 9: Chris says “…something Jack” and there’s a reply.

For a very short SB7 session, these seem like a lot of relevant responses to our questions. What great encouragement for me to take another turn at learning how to use and listen to the SB7 spirit box!

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