Meek Mansion (5/24/14): Voices (and Other Things) from the Basement, Part 1

In the Basement, I chose not to go down into the cistern, which is accessible from the basement. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t go down, since normally I like that kind of stuff. While Diane, Chris, Mike, and Laura J went down into the cistern, I stayed in the basement with Donna and Nikki.

I have to report that I could hear music in the background while in the basement, but the music wasn’t coming from anything or anyone in the basement. It sounded like someone’s radio or a party going on somewhere else. It was a very odd thing to hear, as everyone in the surrounding park had already gone home long before we made it to the basement and there weren’t any other sounds. Other people could also hear music playing.

Chris had an interesting experience in the cistern. While down there, she clearly heard a male voice tell her to “Get out!” which was also heard by Laura J. Needless to say, Chris quickly left the cistern and joined the rest of us in the basement.

While in the cistern, the small group thought they could hear voices and asked if they were coming from the rest of us in the basement. They weren’t! Donna, Nikki, and I were completely quiet, so any voices they were hearing weren’t coming from us.

I sat along one of the basement walls while waiting for the other group to finish in the cistern. Across from me, on the other side of the basement, there was a small, narrow room with a doorway. Since I didn’t have anything else to do, I just stared into the dark in this direction. There was a bit of ambient light coming in, as there were windows in the small room. Suddenly, I noticed what I would call orbs and points of light darting in and out of the doorway.

I know people tend to group orbs and lights as the same thing. I certainly did before this experience. I’m not sure what I saw, but I thought they looked like orbs without any light coming off them. The orbs I saw were not light. I have seen the points of light before, when I lived in a flat in San Francisco that had its own paranormal activity, and the orbs didn’t look like that. The points of light I was seeing in the doorway were exactly like what I saw while living in San Francisco.

I questioned what I was seeing. My eyesight isn’t the best and I thought maybe I was just seeing things that weren’t really there. Nikki was standing next to the doorway to the small room. I thought that, if I was closer to Nikki, I would ask her to turn her infrared camera towards the doorway to see if she saw anything. Instead, I just sat where I was and didn’t say anything.

But I didn’t need to say anything. On her own, Nikki was noticing something in the same area where I was seeing orbs and lights, and she turned her camera towards the doorway! I asked her if she could see/sense something there and she said she did. So there were 2 people who independently were seeing **something** in that doorway. Pretty cool confirmation!

OK. Now for the EVPs. All these were caught while in the basement, not in the cistern. Give a listen and let me know what you hear.

Clip 1: Donna asks, “Did you get hurt on the stairs [that lead down into the cistern]?” I hear a response to her question although it’s not crystal clear.

Clip 2: Nikki reported feeling like something was touching her. So she asked, “Did you just touch my leg?” I hear a response 8 seconds into the clip. This is a first generation recording.

Clip 3: This is an interesting one. When it was my turn to ask a question, I asked, “Whose music am I hearing?” referring to the music I was hearing. In the background of my recording, you’ll hear something that sounds to me like fingers snapping. I was holding my DVR in my hand but no one was snapping their fingers. My DVR was not malfunctioning and it’s not clear to me what was the source of the snapping noise. You’ll then hear someone ask, “Did you just hear that?” and Laura J says she did. There’s a bit of silence and then, at the 13 second mark, I can hear a response to my question.

Clip 4: You’ll hear Laura J say, “I also wish I knew if they [the other group] got there or just left.” You’ll hear Diane say a few things, followed by me saying, “Yeah, that would be nice.” But before I can say “nice,” there’s an EVP. I think I’m hearing Laura’s name.

I’ll end this post here, since it’s getting long. I’ll post the rest of my EVPs from the basement in another entry, Part 2.

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