Meek Mansion (5/24/14): Voices (and Other Things) from the Basement, Part 2

In this post, I continue presenting the EVPs I caught in the Basement. (To hear the first set of clips from this location at Meek Mansion, look for Voices (and Other Things) from the Basement, Part 1.)

Clip 1: In this clip, you’ll hear someone say, “…need a walkie talkie…” At the 3 second mark, I hear someone/something say either “ringer” or “bring her.” I’m pretty sure this isn’t Mike (the voice sounds male) but I’m not completely sure that this is an EVP. There’s some kind of noise in the background, it might be coming from me since I’m holding the DVR in my hand. This is a first generation recording. What do you think?

Clip 2: You’ll hear Laura J say, “Well, they [the other group] wouldn’t be right above us.” (We are once again hearing noises and trying to figure out if it’s coming from the other group.) You’ll hear a quick EVP, which I assume someone in the group heard at the time, because the EVP is followed by someone saying, “Shhhh,” to be quiet. It’s a very quick EVP.

Clip 3: You’ll hear Laura J say, “So you guys can see where I’m pointing.” I hear an EVP and it sounds like (of course) “Laura.”

Clip 4: Sorry this is out of order. This is from the beginning of our session in the Basement. You’ll hear Laura J ask, “Do we want to start in the cistern?” This is another quick EVP, so you may need to listen to it several times to catch it.

Clip 5: Finally, for the Basement, I present this last one. It’s a second generation recording (a recording of Laura J’s original recording that she’s playing in real time so we can check to see if we’ve caught any EVPs). In it, you’ll hear Laura J say, “There’s a lot of junk in here” and you’ll hear someone (I’m guessing it’s Laura J) fiddling with something. Next, Laura J says, “All right,” because she’s just fixed whatever she was fiddling with. Right after that, there’s an EVP at the 4 second mark. It sounds like a female voice saying (stop me if you’ve heard this one already), “Laura.” The segment is replayed 2 more times.

That’s it for the Basement. Next, I have EVPs to post from the Front Parlor on the first floor. I’ll post those in a few days. I may have more EVPs after that, as I still need to listen to my recordings from the second floor.

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