Meek Mansion (5/24/14): What Went On in the Dining Room

After the basement, my group set up in the Dining Room. There’s a small wooden table in the center of the room and that’s where I put my DVR.

Clip 1: I’ll first present the one clip that has someone saying something; I think it’s one of us in the group, because it’s so clear. You’ll hear Laura J ask if there are any spirits with us. (We were trying to figure out where the other group was above us and were hoping the spirits could tell us, since they seemed so talkative.) Take a listen and tell me if you think/know it was one of us or an EVP.

Clip 2: You’ll hear Laura J ask, “Did you live here in this house when the porch addition was put on?” You’ll hear a click that’s coming from one of us, followed by what sounds to me like an EVP response.

Clip 3: We’ve just finished a quick EVP session and Laura J is saying that maybe the spirits will hear themselves on the playback of that session. You’ll also hear Mike say, “thank you.” Right after that, I hear an EVP. Can you make out what is being said?

Clip 4: I’ll just post this one and let you determine what you hear. I hear a lot of whispering right after Laura J says, “They’re [the other group] fairly close….” I definitely hear a “Laura” EVP at the end of the clip. Note: This is a longer clip.

Clip 5: In this clip, you’ll hear some confusion among ourselves as we try to determine where the other group is on the floor above. We’re definitely hearing thumps and bumps that are so loud we think they must be made by humans. You’ll hear Chris say, “It sounds like they’re doing the Irish River Dance,” followed by an EVP. I think the EVP is saying, “No, they’re not.” I’ve included some of the recording after that, so you’ll get a sense of the sounds we were making/saying.

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