Pardee Home Tour and Channeling (6/1/14): Wow, Those Spirits are Talkative!

I’ve just started reviewing my 3 hour recording of the tour and channeling session at the Pardee Home on 6/1/14, but I’m already finding what I think are EVPs and couldn’t wait to post this one. Take a listen.

This is a long clip but I wanted you to get a sense of the conversation that was going on at the time this was recorded.

In the clip, you’ll hear 2 women talking about the large wooden hutch (I think that’s what it is, the thing is enormous!) in the dining room. This is near the beginning of the event, and a group of us are waiting in there for our tour or channeling session. I forget how many of us there were.

I hear an EVP right after the woman says, “…and all these kinds of decorations.” (She is talking about how she recognized that the hutch is German.) This is about 7 seconds into the clip. I also think I can hear another one, much fainter, at around 10 seconds.

The women continue on. One of them wants to take photos of the huge hutch but she finds she doesn’t have room on her phone. She says, “Oh no, don’t tell me I’m out of room” and the other woman laughs. Right after the laugh, I catch 2 EVPs.

The clip continues with one woman asking, “Didn’t you bring your camera?” Listen for the other woman’s response. She says, “My camera’s out of batteries, too.” Just before she says batteries, I can clearly hear the word “batteries.”

EVPs? Were spirits joining the conversation? Was I picking up bits of other people’s conversations in the dining room? Was one of us trying to beat the woman to the end of her sentence about her camera by softly saying the word “batteries” before she did? It’s kind of hard to figure out as there were so many people in the room at the time of the recording and several conversations going on simultaneously.

Hopefully, more possible EVPs to come!

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