McConaghy House (6/14/14): First Possible Set of EVPs

Can you help me figure out if the voices I hear in this clip came from us?

We were in the Carriage House after we did the house tour and before we started the investigation. Everyone was getting their gear together. In the clip, I can hear Laura J talking in the background. Then, at 4 seconds, I hear a male voice say something like “[unclear] to me,” followed by a female voice saying, “sucks,” and then another female voice croaking out, “help me.” Then, at the 11 second mark, I hear another voice say something but I can’t make it out.

There were some people at the investigation last night that I hadn’t seen before, so it’s possible several of them were speaking and I’m not familiar with the way their voices sound.

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  1. Tery

    The “sucks” could be someone in the group (not me) but the giggle right after that sounds childlike.