McConaghy House (6/14/14): Music Room Conversation

Take a listen to this clip. My group was in the Music Room, listening to Mike’s playback of a quick EVP session we’d just completed. It’s a long clip because 3 people asked questions and there are a lot of answers/EVPs/sounds in between the questions.

First, you’ll hear me ask, “It’s Saturday, what did you do today?” followed by a woman’s response. (The woman’s voice sounds like the same one I picked up in earlier EVPs in this same room which I’ll post separately.)

Then, you’ll hear Mike ask, “Archie, do you want us in your house right now?” Immediately, I hear a gruff male response. Right after the reply to Mike’s question, I can hear a string of snorts/EVPs but can’t make out what’s being said.

Tery’s up next. She asks, “Do you like it when we bring the school tours through, on tours?” I don’t hear a reply but there is a distinctive snort and then a loud exhale. The exhale sounds like it was made right over Mike’s DVR microphone. (Hey, Mike’s mic!) We’re listening to Mike’s recording but, at the time of the snort and exhale, his DVR was several feet away from him. He purposely moves his DVR away in order to cut down on any noises/sounds/breathing that might come from him.

I can hear all kinds of things going on in the silence between our questions. What can you make out?

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