McConaghy House (6/14/14): Front Parlor, an Answer to Mike’s Question

Here’s another clip from the Front Parlor. Chris had started a pendulum session. You’ll hear Mike say, “Ask him [John] if he needs help.”

I hear a weird 2 syllable sound or beat which I think might be a car going over something on Hesperian Blvd. A few seconds after that, I hear a reply to Mike’s question, followed by what sounds like a complete breath (in and out).

My question is this: Chris or Tery, could this be one of you unconsciously answering Mike’s question? I don’t think it’s either one of you but I want to rule out that one of us could be replying. I know it’s not me.

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  1. John Briones

    Now I remember that EVP and that wasn’t mike .I. think that was the best evp we had in our group considering all the street noise .Great job everyone 🙂