McConaghy House (6/14/14): What the SB7 Had to Say in the Attic

I’m still ambivalent about using the SB7. Here are some of the clips that sounded most relevant and clear to the questions being asked.

Clip 1: You’ll hear Nick, our docent, explain how the SB7 spirit box works. He says, “You’ll know when it’s a spirit communicating.” At the 7 second mark, I hear a gruff “yes.” It sounds like an EVP. After that, I hear a few more “yes” answers.

Clip 2: Nick asks, “How many spirits are up here with us?” A very clear “eight” comes across. What’s interesting is that, in past communication with the spirits in the attic, Nick has had them identify eight a few times.

Clip 3: This is an interesting connection to Clip 2. Nick asks, “How many non-human spirits are up here?” Can you hear the reply?

clip 4: Nick asks, “Are you intimidated by us?” (I love a spirit with a good sense of self-esteem!)

Clip 5: You’ll hear me ask the age-old question, “Can you say one of our names?” I think I hear “Ann” at 5 seconds, followed by a “yeah.” I think next time I’ll ask the question this way: “Can you say one of their names?” and leave myself out of it! Be careful what you ask for.

Clip 6: We have asked if there’s a little girl in the attic with us and the SB7 said “yes.” We asked because Laura J’s group communicated with a little girl when they were in the attic. Following up on this question, I ask, “What is your name?” And guess what name I think I hear! (No, it’s not my name.)

Clip 7: Someone asks again, “What is your name?” I hear two possible names in this clip.

Clip 8: Nick asks, “Can the non-human spirits give me your names?” You’ll hear a bunch of stuff, which I’ve kept in the clip just in case someone else can make out any names. (The non-human **always** have these impossibly long and impossible to say names. Good luck identifying anything.) At 13 seconds, I hear “Ann.” (Great. Maybe they’re joking?) Right after that, I hear “Marguerite.” Listen to the end of the clip. At around 24 seconds, I can hear a “yes” and a “no” come across. This came from the empty frequencies where, theoretically, there shouldn’t be any radio noise.

Clip 9: I leave you with the last question we asked during the SB7 session. Nick asks if the spirits can recognize any of the humans from a past visit to the House. I can hear a very clear reply, can you?

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