McConaghy House (6/14/14): In the Basement, Part 1

After our break, I switched groups and went with Laura J’s group. We were in the basement when these were recorded. These are all 2nd generation recordings that came from Laura J’s DVR and were recorded when she played her recording back to the group right after the EVP session ended.

Clip 1: You’ll hear Elizabeth ask, “Do you like to drink tea?” At 3 seconds, I can hear 4 syllables of something being said but I can’t figure out the words.

Earlier in the evening, when I was with my group in the Front Parlor, we believed we were in contact with a spirit named John. (There was a John McConaghy, a son, who lived his entire life in the House and died in the House. I felt the spirit we were communicating with to be someone who was familiar with the House and had been attached to it for some time.) I’m not sure if the spirit John was/is John McConaghy. My group had several docents in it and they seemed to think this was the same entity/being.

Clip 2: You’ll hear me ask, “John, are you still with us?” It’s very faint but I can hear, “He’s not here.” I suggest listening to this one with headphones and turning up the volume. Note: I took out the background hiss and amplified the EVP in the clip to make the response clearer. But I’m not sure doing so made it easier to hear the EVP.

Clip 3: In this clip, you’ll hear me ask, “What’s your best friend’s name?” I hear 2 names, one at 2 seconds and another one at 4 seconds. Do you hear the names?

Clip 4: Laura J asks, “Does this room hold any secrets?” I hear a faint reply at 3 seconds. Note: I removed the background hiss and amplified the EVP to make it easier to hear the EVP.

Clip 5: We’re going around the circle asking questions in a quick EVP session. In this clip, you’ll hear Matt say, “Pass” [on asking a question, giving up his turn to do so]. Based on what I hear, it seems as if a spirit is giving someone/something a clear command, perhaps so that control is maintained when Matt passes. This clip has not been cleaned up.

Clip 6A: This clip has a few things going on in it. You’ll hear Deb ask, “Can you tell us how many people visit through this house daily?” At 6 seconds, I think I can hear a number. This is followed by what sounds like a “no” at 8 seconds.

Clip 6B: This is the same clip as Clip 6A above but this time the playback has been slowed down a bit. See if you can catch the two responses. In this clip, you’ll also hear almost a playful growl near the end which I don’t hear in 6A, the normal playback speed. The growl is soft and comes just before you hear Matt clear his throat. I can’t tell if the growl was always there and could only be heard at a slower speed or if the growl happened during the playback.

Clip 7: At the end of a quick EVP session, Laura J always tells the spirits that she’s going to play the recording and that she hopes they get to hear their voices on the recording. She’s saying,”…your answers are the correct answers….” At 2 seconds, I hear what sounds like the name, “Jim.” Laura J continues on, saying “We’re doing the best we can” to hear their responses and make sense of them. At 5 seconds, I hear a “yes.” For the “yes” EVP, I’ve removed the hiss and amplified the sound just for this small part of the entire clip.

Clip 8: This is a longer clip. It includes the segment from Clip 7 along with what was said next by Laura J and the spirits. You’ll hear Laura J ask someone for light so she can replay her DVR. There are several EVPs that I hear after this but I can’t make out what’s being said. But I can make out what’s said at the 10 second mark: “I can do that.” It feels like the spirit is telling Laura J that it/he/she can help her out by providing a light for her to work by.

Clip 9: This clip is from my 1st generation recording–the one that I recorded on my DVR. It’s the same part of the EVP session as the prior clip. I’m posting it here so you’ll get a sense of what was going on during the session and what I could hear. That’s right, nothing! In between questions and comments, it’s silence save for the faint tapping sound of the water heater in the background. Compare the sounds (or lack thereof) in this clip and the other sounds heard in Clip 8.

A lot of my recordings sound like the silence you hear in Clip 9. The silence always sounds so lonely and empty to me for some reason.

Finally (for this post), I’ll leave you with Clip 10. This is a 2nd generation recording of a playback that’s been slowed down. You’ll hear Laura J say, “…something related to that so…” At 3 seconds, a long EVP starts. Even though it’s loud, I can’t make out what’s being said. Can you?

And here’s what that same moment sounded like to me and my DVR. (Right–silence!) I’m using this clip as a control of sorts and to compare it with what I hear in Clip 10.

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