McConaghy House (6/14/14): In the Basement, Part 2

Here are some more EVPs caught in the Basement of the McConaghy House.

Clip 1: You’ll hear Mike say, “Coming from over there [referring to a sound he just heard], that flashlight,” and Laura J agree with him. At 4 seconds, I can clearly hear something and it sounds like the same thing said in Clip 8 in Part 1 of In the Basement. Clip 1 happened about 2 minutes after Clip 8/Part 1. What are the chances of catching the same EVP twice in such a short amount of time? Or was this one of the humans, subconsciously or consciously saying the same thing twice?

Clip 2: Laura J says, “I’d like to try something but it depends on…” Right after this, there is a weird sound aberration that sounds like the word, “brave,” which is the next thing Laura J says. This is another example of how the spirits at times seem to know the word or words we’re about to say and say them before we can. Very weird.

Clip 3: This was recorded in a moment of silence. Just before this, Laura J has told the spirits to use this time to communicate with us. And we get an immediate response! It’s faint, so I suggest using headphones and turning up the volume. Note: This is an un-enhanced EVP. Because it’s so faint, I first removed the background hiss, thinking it would make the EVP clearer to hear. Much to my surprise, when I did this, the EVP disappeared! So I had to go back to the un-enhanced version.

Clip 4: This is a 2nd generation recording taken from Laura J’s recording and it is the beginning of the moment of silence we just completed. You’ll hear Laura J say, “OK. We’re going to start…right…now.” At 6 seconds, I can hear someone/something say, “Now.” (This is something else that I’m finding frequently among my EVPs: Spirits sometimes like to repeat words we’ve just said. Or is this just some kind of bizarre echo effect?)

Clip 5: You’ll hear Laura J say, “…what you have to say.” At 2 seconds, I hear an EVP that sounds like, “Help me, Mom,” with an emphasis on Mom. The voice sounds like someone younger but not a child. This is also a 2nd generation recording and I can assure you that this was not said or heard during the silence.

Clip 6: This is also a 2nd generation recording and comes from the replay of the moment of silence. At 2 seconds, I can hear a male voice say something like “Okinawa.” Which just seems like a completely random thing for anyone to have said at that moment, the living and the non-living. Give a listen and let me know what you think is being said.

Clip 7: In the clip, you’ll hear Laura J fiddling with her equipment so she can do a replay for us of her recording. At 3 seconds, I can hear something like, “Help me help her.” At the time of the replay in the Basement, we could only hear “help her.” It’s only at home with the ear buds in that I can hear the complete sentence. And can I just say that it’s so nice to hear some of the spirits want to help instead of telling us to “run” or “get out.”

Clip 8: This one might be one of us. You’ll hear Laura J say, “Oh, you [referring to me] weren’t with us [in the beginning of the investigation, because I was originally assigned to the other group; I “jumped ship” for the chance to investigate with Laura J’s group after the break]. You’ll hear me say, “No,” followed by another “no.” The second “no” did not come from me. It’s so human sounding that it makes me think that Elizabeth said it and not a spirit. What do you think?

Clip 9: This is a 1st generation recording. You’ll hear me say to the group, “I hear something just before she asks [her question].” You’ll hear Laura J say, “See, but….” followed by what sounds like a deep male voice saying “yeah.” Is this a spirit or from Mike or Matt, the only 2 men in the group?

Clip 10: This is a 2nd generation recording. You’ll hear me ask, “Are those orbs of light that I’m seeing?” in the Basement darkness. It’s a replay, so you’ll hear me say this, followed by just the last syllable of that (“ing”) as Laura moves the recording ahead. I then hear whispering but can’t make out anything that’s being said. Generally, I avoid posting the really unclear EVPs, but in this case I’m interested in finding out if that whispering is an answer to my question or about something else. Give a listen and see if you can figure out what’s being said.

Clip 11: This is another 2nd generation recording. In this clip, you’ll hear Mike ask, “Are we bothering you down here?” It’s a question we ask a lot, because we really **don’t** want to bother the spirits if they don’t want us there. I hear a simple and short answer.

Clip 12: Here’s the last EVP from the Basement and it’s a 1st generation recording. You’ll hear Laura J say, “Now it [the Ghost Radar app on her phone] says ‘everybody,'” followed by our laughing. Just as the laughter ends, I hear what appears to be an EVP: someone or something saying the word, “heaven.” You’ll hear Laura J say something like, “hammered.” I then let the group know that I’d just heard a whisper. Did I just hear someone/something say “heaven”? Can the group confirm if one of us said this?

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