Pardee Home (6/1/14): Here and There

These recordings were caught at different places in the Pardee Home. I’ve identified the location or area where I was at the time of the recording. All of these clips are 1st generation recordings.

Note: I have more clips than just these 3 recorded in different places in the Home but I’m not posting most of them. What I think sounds like an EVP could, more likely, be the the normal breathing of the docent as he talked. Most of those “EVPs” sound like “yeah” or “Ann,” and there’s far too many of them to believe they’re EVPs.

Clip 1: This could be a historical clip for me, if the EVP is saying what I think it’s saying. I was in the hallway on the first floor, standing near the staircase and waiting for my group’s tour of the Home to start. You’ll hear someone speaking in the background and the sound of me fiddling with my DVR. At the 5 second mark, I hear someone/something say, “Ann.” (I’m pretty sure it’s not coming from someone standing around me.) If that’s what’s being said, this would mark the first time I’ve heard my name called by someone/something other than my human companions while on an investigation.

Clip 2: In this clip, you’ll hear me talking with Pam. We were standing in the hallway on the first floor. At the 5 second mark, in between our talking, I can hear someone/something saying, “I’m gravity.” Can you hear it, too?

Clip 3: In this clip, my tour group is in the Billiard Room. You’ll hear Ron, our docent, say, “This house, he [George Pardee] couldn’t stay in it so they rented it to another family.” I hear 2 possible EVPs here, one in the first few seconds that I can’t make out and an “Oh, yeah” before Ron says, “…to another family.”

Clip 4: You’ll hear Ron say, “…would be equivalent to an opthalmologist today…” You’ll hear someone in the group say, “Yeah.” Before Ron continues talking, I can hear someone/something say what sounds like “get that” or “Kit Kat.” What do you hear?

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