Pardee Home (6/1/14): Up in the Cupola with Mariah

These were all recorded during the channeling session with Mariah. In all the clips, you’ll hear the loud sound of traffic because the windows in the Cupola were open. Despite that ongoing noise, it’s still possible to make out what could be EVPs.

Clip 1: This is a long clip and is near the beginning of the actual channeling session. In it, you’ll hear Mariah, channeling a spirit, ask Tanya, “How do you warm up a chocolate chip cookie?” Unfortunately for Tanya, she knows and says the answer to the riddle, “You sit on it!” Right after this, at the 5 second mark, I hear something that sounds like “chamomile.”

The spirit gets upset that Tanya knows the answer and Mariah steps out of channeling her at 14 seconds. You’ll hear all of us laughing. At 18 seconds, Tanya says that she “forgot to bring a cookie” for the young spirit, followed by more laughing. Tanya then says, “I should’ve brought one up from downstairs, that would’ve saved my butt!” Mariah then says, “Let’s see who else is here.” Right after this, I hear a word that tells me this spirit speaking would’ve liked something other than a cookie! Can you make out what’s being said?

I love this clip for more than the EVPs. I love the laughter coming from all of us! It’s a nice reminder of how, on all the ghost hunts I’ve so far been on, there’s always a great deal of laughter in between attempts to communicate with the spirits.

Clip 2: This is an odd one. In the clip, you’ll hear Mariah say that she has to stand up to handle the “big energy” that’s suddenly come her way. In the background, above the traffic noise, you’ll hear what sounds to me like a really unhappy baby crying. It’s possible that sound came from kids who might have been playing outside on the street, but it just strikes me as an odd sound to hear so clearly up in the Cupola. If it’s human kids, one of them has a mighty set of lungs!

Clip 3: In this clip, you’ll hear Mariah channeling a spirit who seems familiar with the Pardee Home and seems to be someone who lived in it. Mariah asks us, “Do you all have best friends?” I hear 2 different EVPs at the 2 and 3 second marks but can’t make out what’s being said. Can you?

Clip 4: You’ll hear Mariah who’s channeling a spirit. She starts off by saying, “Anyway,” followed by a pause, and then, “I was a teacher.” Listen for the EVP in the pause. Someone/something is clearly saying the word, “cat.”

Clip 5: You’ll hear Tanya say, “He doesn’t want to, kinda, come in and sit [with us].” There’s a response at 2 seconds.

Clip 6: In this clip, you’ll hear Tanya remind Mariah to “use your words” to channel the spirit she’s in contact with. You’ll then hear Mariah say, “OK, that’s why I’m…” with Tanya laughing. I next hear what I think is a child’s voice say, “Talk to me.” It doesn’t sound like Mariah’s voice, but it’s possible she did say something and my DVR “warped” what she said. (It does do that occasionally.) What do you think?

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