Pardee Home Museum (6/1/14): From the Dining Room

These clips are taken from my recording in the Dining Room at the Pardee Home on 6/1/14. There was noise coming from the people talking in the room. I’ve posted only those clips that I thought were clear or odd. All of these clips are 1st generation recordings.

In the clips, it’s possible that I’m picking up a human person talking or whispering. I’ve identified those instances so you can listen to the clip and figure out who’s talking.

Clip 1: You’ll hear Laura J talking about a past investigation at another location. She says, “It wasn’t like the toilet was closed or even lifted and set down. It was slammed….” Right after she says “slammed,” I hear an EVP that’s saying either “down” or “yeah.”

Clip 2: Laura J is about to play a clip from another investigation. She says, “It’s not, it’s not a nice one [the clip]….” I hear a voice say, “I know.”

Clip 3: In this clip, you’ll hear Darlene, one of the docents, talk about a large elk head that’s mounted on one of the walls of the Dining Room. The elk head was put up some time in the 1870s so it’s pretty old. You’ll hear Darlene say, “Yeah, very old,” followed by someone/something saying, “Yeah, really old.

Clip 4: Here’s a random one. You’ll hear a woman ask her friend, “Did you bring my [garbled]?” Just after she says “my” I hear a single word EVP. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 5: You’ll hear Laura J say, “I don’t remember anyone saying it.” Before she speaks again, I hear two “yeahs.” Could the spirits have been present when it was first said?

Clip 6: Back to that really old elk. This time, you’ll hear Ron Nielson say, “This guy’s been hanging up here since about 1870.” You’ll hear a few words of wonder coming from the humans and, at the 4 second mark, I hear something else that could be an EVP. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 7: In this clip, you’ll hear 2 women talking in the background as they make preparations to clear the Dining Room table of the food. It sounds like someone/something else was saying, “I’ll just hang out.”/p>

Clip 8: Here’s an interesting clip. I can’t quite make out if it’s an EVP or a human speaking. In the clip, you’ll hear Laura J talk about the two 10-year old girls who attended the event and deciding if they should be present during Mariah’s channeling session. Laura J says, “You can’t let one go without the other,” and I hear a “I know” right after that. Echo from a human talking or a spirit commenting?

Clip 9: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J say, “I’m waiting for my alarm to go off…to get, to get the other group out of the Cupola session.” Right before she says “to get,” I hear an EVP that sounds like “going down.” I wonder if this EVP/comment (since it could’ve been uttered by a human) was in reference to the fact that the other group had to “go down” the stairs to leave the Cupola?

Clip 10: You’ll hear Ron Nielson say, “…redone many years later,” followed by someone/something saying, “No.”

Clip 11: Ron Nielson is saying, “The older stuff is still out in the Barn.” I hear EVPs at 3 seconds and 5 seconds but can’t make out what’s being said.

I am very happy to hear this type of communicating going on as the humans enjoyed the Pardee Home, food, and company. If these are EVPs, it sounds like the spirits were very glad to have us there and were listening and responding to the different conversations occurring between the humans. I always enjoy hearing something like that!

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