Meek Mansion (5/24/14): From the Front Parlor, Part 2

Here/hear are the EVPs caught in the Front Parlor of Meek Mansion on 5/24/14. There were some really interesting EVPs and activity going on when my group was there, along with all those odd thumps, thuds, knocking, and footsteps (Part 1).

Clip 1A: This is a 2nd generation recording. You’ll hear Laura J coughing, followed by an EVP that sounds like, “OK, now.” It sounds like the spirits were concerned about Laura J., who just had a bad coughing fit. What’s weird is that, at the time of the EVP, I was also concerned about Laura J and wanted to ask, “Are you OK?” I decided not to say anything to keep down the number of human sounds.

In Clip 1A, you’ll also hear Nikki say she heard the word/name “Morena” on her recording. This is followed by a replay of Laura J coughing and the EVP. Here’s another weird thing: In the first playback, I can hear someone/something saying/asking, “OK, now.” But after I hear Nikki say what she heard, I then hear, on the 2nd playback, “OK, Morena.” “Morena” is what Nikki heard on her recording. Both playbacks in the clip are of the same recording, so I should hear the same thing each time–but I don’t. It’s possible that what I hear in the 2nd playback is influenced by what Nikki says she heard.

Clip 1B: Nikki then plays for us what she recorded. It’s very clear what was being said. No one in the group said anything at the time of Nikki’s recording.

Clip 2: More weirdness. In this 2nd generation clip, you’ll hear someone talking in a low voice. I can’t make out or recall what was being said at the time. At 6 seconds, you’ll hear someone else say, “Do you hear that?” She’s heard something on the playback of Laura J’s recording. (I can’t tell you what she heard as I don’t hear anything.) Just before saying, “Do you hear that?” I can hear a very clear voice say, “You can hear it.” The weird thing is that this other voice seems to be answering the question before the question is asked. That voice did not come from any of the humans in the room.

Clip 3: I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing when the spirits know your name. In this clip, you’ll hear Mike ask, “Can you say one of our names, to confirm the voice we heard earlier?” There’s a response at the 11 second mark. At the time, we thought the EVP said, “Mike,” but after listening to it at home, I think the voice is saying, “Michael.”

Clip 4: More name calling here. In this clip, you’ll hear a “Hey, Mike” at 2 seconds. Following this is a “Hey, Laura” at the 5 second mark. I also hear another, “Hey, Laura” at 7 seconds but it’s very faint. There also seems to be an EVP before, “Hey, Mike,” but I can’t make out what is being said. Can you?

Clip 5: In this 2nd generation recording, you’ll hear Diane ask, “What’s your favorite color?” At the 4 second mark, I hear something like, “[garbled] lavender.”

Clip 6: You’ll hear Laura J ask, “Did someone assist you in your death?” in this 2nd generation recording. I hear a very faint response at 5 seconds.

Clip 7: Even more weirdness. In this clip, you’ll hear me ask, “Did you have a piano in here?” At 4 seconds, there’s something that sounds like a low growl…or perhaps a purring. I’m inclined to think it’s purring, as the other group recorded the sound of a cat purring near the kitchen and some of us felt there was a cat presence in the Front Parlor with us. Growl or purr: What do you think?

Clip 8: Finally, I leave you with this clip. You’ll hear Laura J ask, “Or do you prefer the red [laser] lights?” I can hear something starting at 5 seconds but I can’t make it out. Can you?

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