McConaghy House (6/14/14): From the Group Session in the Carriage House

To be honest, when I first walked into the Carriage House at McConaghy House and saw the layout, I didn’t think it’d be possible to record good EVPs. Our set-up area was somewhat small and there were as many as 16 people present during the EVP session. I also didn’t get much of a “sense” about the building. I was so wrong!

These clips are from the group EVP session we all did at the end of the investigation. All of these clips are from my recording of Laura J’s playback of the EVP session (2nd generation).

Clip 1: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J say, “Accept your challenge.” Prior to this, one of the docents asked the spirits to move 2 play balls (a challenge, of sorts) that were sitting on the floor. And then the Ovilus said, “Accept.” There’s a very clear male response at 4 seconds. (Normally, I try to avoid the simple “yes” and “no” responses in favor of more complex ones. But this sounds so clear, as if it’s coming from one of us. (It’s not.) Ignore the sound that comes right after the EVP, that’s from the humans.)

Clip 2: If you can, ignore the 3 beats that you’ll immediately hear in this clip. That sound came from one of the humans. Right after that, I hear someone/something say the word, “cockroach.” What’s interesting about this EVP is that, 10 minutes earlier, I had said, “We’ll scurry like cockroaches” when the Carriage House lights were turned on again. (We did the EVP session in the dark.) This is another example of someone/something repeating a word or words said earlier by humans.

Clip 3: In this clip, someone asks, “Did anyone die out there?” in reference to Archie McConaghy’s death in 1892 after a horrible farming accident. I hear a clear male response that could be a reply to the question just asked.

Clip 4: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J tell the group about something funny that had happened while we were in the house. (The short version is that I asked the spirits to “name something that rhymes with habit” and Elizabeth, who is definitely not a spirit, immediately said, “rabbit!”) Listen for the EVP at 3 seconds.

Clip 5: You’ll hear Nick ask, “How many spirits are in the Carriage House?” You have to wait until 9 seconds, almost the end of the clip, to hear the EVP. I hear what sounds like “I’m full.”

Clip 6: In this clip, I’ve cut off the beginning of what Laura J was saying during the EVP playback of her recording. I’ve caught only the words, “buy in.” Next, you’ll hear Laura J say something on her original recording that she’s playing back for us. Right after that, I hear either “buy in” or “good bye,” depending on where I put the emphasis. Also listen for the 2nd EVP at the 4 second mark. I hear a voice say somewhat faintly, “good night.” I’d like to think there were 2 spirits who wanted to say something to us before we left.

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