McConaghy House (6/14/14): More from the Carriage House

The first set of clips are all 1st generation recordings caught during the group session in the Carriage House at the end of the evening. I have another set of EVPs from this session, all recorded from Laura J’s playback, posted under the title, “From the Group Session in the Carriage House.”

Clip 1: You’ll hear Laura J say, “But he hasn’t gotten back to me.” I then hear a male voice whisper, “What? Wow.” The closest male to me was Mike, who was standing opposite me. Mike: Is it possible this is from you and not an EVP? It doesn’t sound like you.

Clip 2: This is an interesting clip.

It starts off with Elizabeth asking if Laura J is going to say a closing prayer before we all head home. (She does this to “seal” the spirits at the McConaghy House to the location so they won’t follow any of us home.) 2 people had already left before this, so Laura J says, “Oh, well, they’re on their own” to protect themselves.

There is laughter and then Chris says, “Stuff’s [spirits] coming home with them.” You’ll hear one of us ring Laura J’s little desk bell. Next, Chris says, “Oh well, it [the closing prayer] doesn’t help you [Laura], Joaquin [a spirit Laura J has communicated with before] follows you” all over the place.

Right after this, I hear a voice whisper, “No they won’t.” I guess the spirit had a delayed response, because the EVP sounds like it/he/she was responding to the possibility that the 2 people who’d left early would have spirits following them home.

Clip 3: You’ll hear Chris say to Laura J., “You know what, you should set up [an investigation] at the Whaley House.” Just before Chris continues talking, I hear an EVP but can’t make out what is being said. Can you?

I saved for last what I think is the best clip from this time in the Carriage House.

Clip 4: In a moment when no one is talking, you’ll hear background noises of people packing up their stuff. I hope you’ll be able to hear the male voice say softly, “accident” at the 2 second mark. There’s more packing sounds and then I hear what sounds like, “happened” at the 11 second mark.

When I first processed this clip, I was only focused on the first word, “accident.” It was really only by chance that I then picked up “happened” a few seconds later but didn’t think to connect it with the 1st EVP. I didn’t really think anything about the significance of these 2 words for this location until I saw a very clear image appear in my mind.

I saw Archie McConaghy being brought into the Carriage House right after his accident, to the very spot where we stood. It seems possible that he might’ve been taken there first before being taken up to his bed on the 2nd floor, to see how badly hurt he was. With this image, the 2 words now had significant meaning for me. I am assuming the spirits are referring to Archie’s accident. Take a listen and let me know what you hear.

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