Month: July 2014

Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): John, is This You?

I'm finding a lot of EVPs in the Sick Bay but want to know if the male whisper in these clips came from John or is a disembodied voice. I have several clips of what sounds like the same voice and it sounds too clear to be an EVP. John, is this you whispering? Clip 1: You'll hear Laura J say, "It [flashlight] wasn't on when it was dark in here, it wasn't on. It's on now." Then I hear a male voice say, "Oh yeah." Clip 2: Laura J says, "We'll put the light on and we'll see. Hold on," Read more [...]

Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): How Many Times Can You Say….

Laura J's group is in the Sick Bay, listening to a replay of an EVP session. During that session, Laura J had the Ovilus on. (And it was sure chatty while we were in there.) In this 2nd generation clip, you'll first hear the Ovilus say the word, "Although." Next, you'll hear someone/something (I don't think it's one of the humans) say, "Although" or "Although, too." Finally, you'll hear Laura J say "although" as she tells us what the Ovilus said. Read more [...]

Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): You Gotta Love ’em (Sick Bay)

I am just starting to listen to my recording of Laura J's group in Sick Bay on the 2nd floor. In the clip, we haven't set up yet and everyone is looking at all the things on display. Pam (and a few others) was a bit freaked out by the wig-wearing mannequin and she was taking a video "selfie" of herself with the mannequin. You'll hear Mike say, "Take a selfie of yourself in there" and then he laughs. In his laughter, I can clearly hear what sounds like, "Come on, wow!" I like to think that's Read more [...]

Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): Proof of the Afterlife?

I'm about halfway through my recording for the Museum and have found a lot of things, some of which have to be EVPs. I'll post them later. I did want to post this one. Laura J's group was in Marilyn's Room on the 1st floor. (Marilyn was one of the co-founders of the Naval Air Museum.) It's a second generation recording (from Laura J's recording), so you'll hear several different things going on. You'll hear John talking about how he thinks he's found out in the hallway the source of a clicking Read more [...]

Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): De-bunk Help Wanted

This one is for Debbie and Laura J. Did either one of you say "Where can I get one?" after Laura J says she wants "that radio" she was looking at? We were wrapping up our session in the Interview Room on the 2nd floor and Laura J was looking at a picture or photo on display. It's not Pam and it's not me. I think it's human because it's so clear, but it sounds a bit weird and not like either of your voices. Thanks. Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): In the Music Room

Sorry for the delay in posting these clips, but life and work intervened. It's only just now that I'm getting around to posting my clips from the McConaghy House which I investigated on 6/14/14. My group (John, Keena, Tery, Chris, Mike, Nick (docent), and me) started the night off in the Music Room. On the surface of it, things seemed pretty quiet but I was able to record these possible EVPs. Clip 1: In this clip, you'll hear Chris finish her sentence with "front parlor," followed by Tery Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Summary of Investigation

I first investigated Meek Mansion on 5/24/14 and caught a lot of EVPs, so I was pretty excited to go again on 6/28/14 and see/hear what I could find. I have to say that, at the end of the night on my drive home on 6/28/14, I was feeling a bit disappointed. My group did many EVP playback sessions throughout the night while on site but didn't seem to catch any EVPs. The spirits seemed very quiet with my group. We certainly weren't getting anything like the other group did (lots of EVPs, flashlight Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Pre-Investigation Clips

When I'm on an investigation, I have a DVR recording the entire time I'm at the site, from the moment I get there until the moment I leave. It's part of my protocol. This includes before the investigation begins. All of these clips were recorded in the Carriage House prior to the start of the investigation. I had my DVR on the table in front of me. As you'll (hopefully) hear, there was quite a lot of activity before the investigation began. Clip 1: This is interesting and involves 2 different Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Miscellaneous Places

This set of clips were recorded in different parts of the house. For each clip, I've identified the location. Clip 1 (Basement): This is a funny one. Marcy asks the spirits, "Are we a more exciting group than the last group that was down here?" because our group knew that Laura J's group heard a lot of EVPs in the Basement. My group weren't really hearing anything. The funny part is that the spirits answer her--at least 4 that I can count. Note: I've amplified the part between 3 and 7 seconds Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): From the Solarium

The first 4 clips were recorded when I was with Jim, Marcy, Quentin, and Cathy. All 4 are 2nd generation recordings. Clip 1: On a previous visit (5/24/14), one of the investigation groups saw what looked like a cat shadow moving in the Kitchen and caught a purring sound on a DVR. On that same night, my DVR recorded what sounds like either a low growl or a purr from the Front Parlor on the 1st floor. Based on these experiences, we believe that there is the spirit of at least one cat roaming Read more [...]