Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Unidentified Noise in the Kitchen

This recording is from my DVR 2 which I’d placed on the floor by the doorway from the Kitchen into the Butler’s Pantry. (I put it there because Jim kept seeing shadows moving in this area.)

I have 32 minutes of recording from this mini session. This is the noise I hear but can’t identify.

It sounds mechanical to me, like it’s some kind of process cycle.

Laura J says there’s nothing plugged in and running in the kitchen area and wonders if the noise is coming from the Basement. I’ve done two sessions in the Basement at Meek and don’t remember hearing anything that sounds like the noise.

Your help in identifying the noise is appreciated.

I can’t tell if the noise repeats as, right after this clip, the group went into the kitchen to do an EVP session.

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