Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Dining Room

Sorry for the delay in posting clips but work intervened. I’ve listened to all of my recordings and will be posting quite a few new clips over the next day or so. The overview for all my clips is this: While not as active (in terms of catching EVPs) as my first visit to the Meek on 5/24/14, I still caught a lot of them.

These are from the Dining Room.

Clip 1: For some reason, there were a lot of hairpins on the carpet in the Dining Room. It was an odd sight and Cathy asked, “Where did the hairpins come from?” She got a response from someone who wasn’t visibly in the DR with us. Sounds like an intelligent response to me! See if you can make it out.

Clip 2: This is a 2nd generation recording. You’ll hear Cathy say, “Can you [the spirits] talk to me?” I hear what sounds like “won’t be long.”

Clip 3: This is also a 2nd generation recording. Marcy asks, “Have you crossed over or are you stuck here?” Very faintly, I can hear someone/something say, “crossed over.”

Clip 4: In this clip, we’re in between EVP sessions and just talking. You’ll hear someone say, “It is cold in here,” followed by a human saying “yeah.” Right after this, you’ll hear someone else (one of the humans) say, “This room is cold.” My ears make out a possible EVP as this is being said. It’s also possible that what I’m hearing is a result of paraeidolia. What do you think?

Clip 5: In the beginning of this clip, you’ll hear some shuffling noises, followed by Cathy tagging the noise. At the 5 second mark, Jim starts talking. Listen for the EVP right after Cathy’s tag and before Jim speaks. I’m hearing “open house socket” which doesn’t make any sense.

Clip 6: This is an odd one. Marcy says she hears a whisper and asks if any of us can hear it. We respond. There’s a clear female voice making an “uh huh” noise, but I’m pretty sure this was from Gail, the docent who was with us. Immediately after this, Marcy’s Ovilus spits out the word “metal,” which Marcy then tells the group. In between the Ovilus and Marcy, I hear what could be an EVP saying what sounds like “cellphone.”

Clip 7: In this clip, Cathy begins saying something, followed by a loud knocking sound. I then hear what sounds like “no doubt about it,” followed by Jim starting to talk. EVP or pareidolia?

Clip 8: You’ll hear Cathy ask, “What year is it for you?” followed by a long silence. At the 10 second mark, I hear someone/something say two syllables but can’t make out what’s being said. Can you?

Clip 9: Some of the group moved from the Dining Room to the Kitchen, because Jim was seeing shadows moving in the doorway just like he did the last time he was at the Meek. Jim coughs and tags “coughing.” This is followed by an EVP and then Jim continues talking softly. Although I had another DVR running in the Kitchen, this clip is from the DVR I had on the small wooden table in the DR. Can you make out the word?

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