Meek Mansion (6/28/14): DVR 2 in the Kitchen

While my group was in the Dining Room, Jim kept seeing shadows moving in the Kitchen doorway. Jim was seeing so many shadows that I placed my second DVR (DVR 2) on the floor in the Kitchen doorway to see (hear) if I could catch any EVPs while we continued on in the DR. The full recording of this session is just over 30 minutes long. (So 6 possible EVPs in 30 minutes, maybe the Meek was more active than I thought!) All of these clips come from DVR 2.

The first 3 clips were recorded on DVR 2 that was running in the Kitchen while the rest of the group was in the Dining Room. You’ll hear a slight echo in the clips because of the distance between us and DVR 2.

Clip 1: Marcy heard some tapping, which prompted her to ask, “What did you tap on?” There may be a response at the 5 second mark but I can’t make out what’s (if anything) being said. Keep in mind that this clip is from DVR 2; I don’t hear anything on DVR 1, which was in the DR with us. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 2: In this clip, Cathy asks, “Did anybody die in this house?” Over “house” I can hear what sounds like “Jason.” Warning: This is a very short clip so you may need to listen to it a few times.

Clip 3: You’ll hear Cathy say, “or speak into one of these recorders and tell us your name?” The possible EVP is very faint and very quick. I hear a name, can you?

Feeling like we’d exhausted the spirits in the DR, the group next moved into the Kitchen. When this happened, I moved DVR 2 from the floor to the top of the old fridge. These clips were recorded from this position.

Clip 4: In this 2nd generation recording, Marcy asks, “Was this room always used as a Kitchen or was it used for something else in the past?” I hear someone/something say, “or in the past.”

Clip 5: Cathy sees a light on the ceiling and is trying to figure out what it is. She says, “Smoke…fire alarm, right?” Gail, the docent, replies, “yes.” At the 3 second mark I hear another response (which I’m pretty sure is not one of the humans in the room). While there were 2 men in my group, the whisper doesn’t sound like either one of them. Quentin was pretty quiet during the investigation and the voice doesn’t sound like Jim’s Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 6: This is a 1st generation recording. Jim has just asked if he can place his DVR on the top of the old fridge that’s in the Kitchen. Gail, the docent, has asked if the bottom of DVR tripod is metal. Jim replies, “No, it’s just rubber…” Gail says, “OK, good,” and Jim continues with “dealy bops.” (Well, that’s how I think that technical term is spelled. Jim, correct me if I’m wrong.) In the middle of Jim’s comment, “No, it’s just rubber…dealy bops,” I hear what sounds like “I’m seeing the phone.” Do you hear the same thing or something different?

BTW, “dealy bops” may become my new favorite word to use.

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