Meek Mansion (6/28/14): From the Solarium

The first 4 clips were recorded when I was with Jim, Marcy, Quentin, and Cathy. All 4 are 2nd generation recordings.

Clip 1: On a previous visit (5/24/14), one of the investigation groups saw what looked like a cat shadow moving in the Kitchen and caught a purring sound on a DVR. On that same night, my DVR recorded what sounds like either a low growl or a purr from the Front Parlor on the 1st floor.

Based on these experiences, we believe that there is the spirit of at least one cat roaming around the 1st floor of the Meek.

On 6/28/14, Marcy asked a follow-up question: “Does the cat have short hair or long hair?” Although somewhat faint and embedded in some white noise, I can hear a response in an echo-y type voice. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 2: It had been very warm and sunny earlier on 6/28/14. That prompted me to ask if someone/something had sat in the Solarium, enjoying the sun and a nice cold drink. In the white noise, I hear a very faint but firm response.

For the replay of the EVP session, we used Jim’s recording. Jim has a very nice and very expensive DVR, which allows him to capture all kinds of things my cheaper Olympus won’t pick up because it’s not as sensitive. What’s weird is that, in Jim’s recording, there’s an ongoing white noise in the background. I can only assume it’s from Jim’s DVR as that noise was not heard at the time but wonder why an expensive DVR would pick something like that up.

Clip 3: In this clip, we’re listening to someone’s playback of an EVP session we’d just finished. You’ll hear the recorded voice (from the playback) but not be able to make out what’s being said. You’ll also hear Jim say in real time, “It’s all outside [noises we’re hearing]” to explain the sounds heard during the playback. At 3 seconds, I hear something but will leave you to figure out what’s being said. I can make out most of it and it starts with my first name.

Clip 4: Jim asks a favorite question of the group, “Does this room hold any secrets?” After he says this, you’ll hear what sounds like fingers snapping twice. These sounds were not heard during the EVP session and were not made by one of the humans in the group.

On 6/28/14, Laura J decided to break the whole group down into smaller groups of 3 or 4 people for the last session of the night. Mariah, Jim, and Michele were in my new group and we headed back to the Solarium.

In this 1st generation recording you’ll hear Mariah say, “You have it [my DVR] on the wrong setting.” Listen carefully to seconds 2 through 5 of the clip. You’ll hear a series of knocks, most of wich I think are coming from one of us, and several other odd noises, including an EVP that says “setting.”

This is another example of how spirits like to repeat words we’ve just said. This is also an example of something I’m noticing: Just before an EVP, there is a knocking sound. It doesn’t happen all the time but enough times that I’ve taken note of it. (Remember that I’m just in my first year of analyzing EVPs.)

Intuitively, I feel there’s a connection between the knocking and the EVP, as if the spirits (or whom/whatever) are somehow using the energy of the knock to vocalize something, but I can’t say what that is or how it connects.

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