Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Miscellaneous Places

This set of clips were recorded in different parts of the house. For each clip, I’ve identified the location.

Clip 1 (Basement): This is a funny one. Marcy asks the spirits, “Are we a more exciting group than the last group that was down here?” because our group knew that Laura J’s group heard a lot of EVPs in the Basement. My group weren’t really hearing anything. The funny part is that the spirits answer her–at least 4 that I can count. Note: I’ve amplified the part between 3 and 7 seconds to bring out the “no” responses. OK, then!

Clip 2 (Entryway): Someone says, “Well, any time people come in to investigate, they bring in their own spirits….” As she says this, you’ll hear 3 separate “yeah” comments.

Clip 3 (Entryway): Someone says, “No, I don’t think anything particularly terrible has happened….[in the house]” with a deep male voice saying “yeah.”

Clip 4 (Entryway): You’ll hear Laura J say, “My group will start in the, uhm,” followed by an EVP, before she finishes with “attic area.” While the EVP is loud, I can’t make out what’s being said. Can you?

Clip 5 (Servants’ Quarters): In this clip, you’ll hear me say to someone else, “If I was standing in the doorway, closer to Nikki, [I would have said to her]’Can you point your camera in the doorway’…..” This is followed by a male voice saying “wow.”

(I was telling someone in my group about my last visit to the Meek in May, when I saw tiny orbs of light moving in and out of a doorway located in the Basement. On that investigation, Nikki was standing across from me; since she had a night vision video camera, I wanted to know if she could see what I was seeing with my own eyes but she wasn’t close enough for me to whisper that.)

Clip 6 (2nd floor hallway on the way to the Servants’ Quarters): You’ll hear a bang as Jim momentarily loses his balance and drops something he was carrying. Someone immediately says to him, “Careful.” Jim replies, “Got it.” Someone else asks if he “got it” at the same time (this was one of the humans). Jim then says, “Yeah.” Right after this, there is someone/something else that also says “yeah.”

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