Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Pre-Investigation Clips

When I’m on an investigation, I have a DVR recording the entire time I’m at the site, from the moment I get there until the moment I leave. It’s part of my protocol. This includes before the investigation begins.

All of these clips were recorded in the Carriage House prior to the start of the investigation. I had my DVR on the table in front of me. As you’ll (hopefully) hear, there was quite a lot of activity before the investigation began.

Clip 1: This is interesting and involves 2 different clips. First, let me play you a clip from the Meek Mansion investigation on 5/24/14; this clip is a 2nd generation recording. On it, you’ll hear Laura J having a sudden coughing fit. At 17 seconds in, Nikki’s DVR recorded someone clearly saying the name, “Morena,” and it wasn’t said by one of the humans who were present.

Now this clip is from the 6/28/14 investigation. You’ll hear Laura J say, “And then Toni showed up…” followed by someone/something saying what sounds like, “Hey Morena” (or possibly “Hey Lorena”) followed by another “hey.” No humans in the Carriage House said these things. It’s an interesting possible connection between the 5/24/14 and 6/28/14 investigations. More research needs to be done to see if there’s a connection between someone named Morena and the Meek.

Clip 2: I have to ask Laura J if she remembers this moment and can provide some clarification on who may have said what. You’ll hear Laura J say to the group, “I did not bring bottled water this time. Sorry.” You’ll hear birds outside chirping and another “sorry” that I’m pretty sure didn’t come from Laura J. You’ll then hear Chris joke, “Great! No, I’m kidding.” On the “I’m kidding” I can hear what sounds like “‘sar right” [it’s all right].

Clip 3: The docent says to the group, “If you have any questions, just feel free to ask.” Someone/something says the name Karen right after.

Clip 4: You’ll hear a small bang (someone putting something down) and Laura J say something I can’t make out. This is followed by what sounds like “go back.”

Clip 5: In this clip, you’ll hear 2 separate bangs (made by one of the humans present). If you listen carefully to the moment between the 2 bangs, you’ll hear something. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 6: Laura J says, “…quick walk-through [of the Meek]….” Then, someone/something says what sounds like “all right” before Laura J continues on, saying “…mainly for….”

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