Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Summary of Investigation

I first investigated Meek Mansion on 5/24/14 and caught a lot of EVPs, so I was pretty excited to go again on 6/28/14 and see/hear what I could find. I have to say that, at the end of the night on my drive home on 6/28/14, I was feeling a bit disappointed. My group did many EVP playback sessions throughout the night while on site but didn’t seem to catch any EVPs. The spirits seemed very quiet with my group. We certainly weren’t getting anything like the other group did (lots of EVPs, flashlight responses, hearing sounds, etc.).

However, upon listening to my recordings of 6/28/14, I am happy to say that I did capture many EVPs.

I am wondering about the quantity of EVPs. From what I’ve seen on the Internet and TV, EVPs are hard to capture and, when investigators do capture them, they wind up with only a handful of EVPs if they’re lucky. How and why is it that I’m able to find so many EVPs on my recordings? Are all of my “EVPs” really EVPs? Why do some EVPs sound clear to me and others can’t hear them at all? I’ve only been investigating for less than a year and there’s so much to learn.

I guess I should be content that the spirits were pretty quiet with my group. Besides a lot of activity, the other group also recorded many “get out” EVPs, indicating the spirits were not happy they were in the Mansion. In 8+ hours of recordings, I did not find anything like that. It’s interesting to speculate why one group would be told to “get out” while another group wasn’t. Same location, same night. Different people in the groups and different times in the rooms. Hard to say why this happens.

Jim (who was in my group on 6/28/14) was very successful at capturing a lot of orb activity in the Mansion with his video camera, starting with the Dining Room. Several times, he reported seeing an orb come up out of one of a DVR and disappear. He also caught shadows.

Jim contacted me a week ago to let me know that he’d reviewed the video footage and had something…interesting to share with me. While my group was in Mr. Meek’s Bedroom, Jim was video recording the scene. At the time of the investigation, I reported seeing something like an arm quickly move across the doorway to the Hallway from the corner of my eye. I reported this to the group but no one else saw anything, and I dismissed the sighting.

Jim told me that he had been video recording at the time in Mr. Meek’s Bedroom and, upon review, saw the shadow of what looked like a human arm move in the doorway–just before I announced that I’d seen something moving in the same area. I haven’t seen the footage, so I’m looking forward to doing so. It’s nice to have verification that I did see something from another source. I’m definitely going to practice so that I can see more of these types of movements on future investigations.

On the walk-through, I experienced what felt like cobwebs on the knuckles of my left hand as I went down the Mansion stairs. It was an odd feeling. I also felt it was odd that there would be cobwebs on the stairs, since people moved up and down them all the time. It’s not a quiet place for spiders to spin their stuff. Later, I overheard one of the docents explain how people were always feeling what feels like cobwebs on them–but there wouldn’t be any cobwebs! This was exactly what I had experienced on the stairs! I learned this is a common manifestation in the Mansion, experienced by visitors and docents regularly.

While in the Dining Room with my group, I reported hearing what sounded like a piano key being played somewhere in the Mansion. Just one key, the same key, played just once every few minutes. And it sounded like it was coming from an upright piano, not a Baby Grand. Although we at times could hear the other group investigating up on the 3rd floor, what I was hearing wasn’t coming from them. No one else in my group could hear the musical note.

What’s interesting is that after the Dining Room session, Gail, the docent, found an upright piano covered up in the Library. She didn’t even know it was there! I certainly didn’t. (We are not allowed to investigate the Library and could access it only to use the one working bathroom on the site. There are several pieces of furniture stored there, all covered by tarps, but I never though to wonder what was stored or to see what it looked like.) Was this the source of the single music note I heard earlier?

I should also say that, on the 5/24/14 investigation, I was struck by the thought that a piano had once graced the Ballroom and asked the spirits about it. “Was there ever a piano in this room?” I was thinking of a Baby Grand, perhaps because of how grand the Mansion must have been in the past. That night, the spirits didn’t reply to my question. It’s interesting to speculate that I found my answer on my next visit to the Meek.

Another interesting point about the 6/28/14 investigation is the possible EVP I captured of someone/something saying what sounds like, “Hey, Morena” during the pre-investigation set up in the Carriage House. (I admit that it also sounds like “Hey, Lorena.”) On 5/24/14, someone in my group that night caught a very clear and loud EVP of a woman saying the name, “Morena.” Who is Morena? What was/is her connection to the Meek? Who was trying to get her attention?

For the last session of the night on 6/28/14, Laura J put us into smaller groups to investigate one more room. Jim, Michele, and Moriah were in my new group and we went to the Solarium. We had approximately 30 minutes. I haven’t investigated with Moriah yet, but I have heard of her abilities as a psychic medium and channeler. For some reason, when I knew I would be in Moriah’s group, I did sense that something major would happen. Little did I know what that would be or just how much of an impact it would have on me.

During the Solarium session, Moriah asked me on several occasions what I was seeing.

At first, I didn’t see anything except what was before my eyes. Then, as I concentrated a bit more, I could make out the shapes of things in the distance but couldn’t see them clearly enough to figure out what I was seeing. Near the end of the session, I was finally able to see the vision I was supposed to see that night.

I won’t say what I saw but it was a very profound sighting that led me to thinking about my life. On the drive home, I continued thinking about the vision and the night and the other time in 2007 when I had a similar vision in Redwood Regional Park. And I was able to come to what is nothing short but an epiphany in my life. Thank you, Moriah, for being a part of that. My epiphany has changed my life and that’s no exaggeration.

So is Meek Mansion haunted? All I can say at this time is that there is definitely spirit/non-human energy present in the Mansion, Carriage House, and on the surrounding grounds. Other people have reported seeing someone standing in front of the windows on the 2nd floor and assumed it was a ghost. (Maybe. The same room once housed mannequins not in use, so it’s possible someone saw that and mistook them for a ghost.) While I didn’t see anything like that on either investigation, based on my experiences it doesn’t surprise me that someone might see something just because of all the non-human energy coursing through the Meek.

I leave with a couple more clips that might be possible EVPs.

Clip 1: This is from the Front Entryway, while we were waiting for the walk-through to start. Out of nowhere I hear what sounds like “church lady.” What do you hear?

Clip 2: Also from the Front Entryway. You’ll hear someone say, “He’s been spending a lot of time in the garage,” followed by a non-human response. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 3: From the Front Entryway. I’ve amplified the segment where I hear what sounds like an EVP, so hopefully you’ll be able to hear it, too. It sounds like someone/something saying “hell, yeah.”

Clip 4: I found this one when I was re-listening to my main recording of the Dining Room on the 6/28/14 investigation. You’ll hear Gail say, “They were just moving?” as she tries to determine the source of sounds she’s hearing from elsewhere in the Meek. Marcy says something that I can’t make out. This is followed by what sounds like an EVP saying something comprised of 2 syllables. I can’t make out what’s being said. Can you? Also this is followed by someone/something saying, “the cat.” It does sound like Jim’s voice, so it’s possible this isn’t an EVP.

Clip 5: I also found this on my re-listen. This is also from the Dining Room. You’ll hear Marcy say, “They haven’t set the REM pod off yet.” I then hear a male voice say what sounds like “I’m faster” or (I swear this is true) “thigh master.”

Thigh master is a running joke among people who use the Ovilus device, because it seems to, on a regular basis, utter a word that sounds like “thigh master.” It’s not really “thigh master” but it sure does sound close to it. Sounds like an informercial, right? So maybe I’m doing some audio matrixing and trying to make it sound like “thigh master.” Or maybe it’s a spirit joking us by being the one to say “thigh master” instead of the Ovilus.

The other possibility, “I’m faster” is interesting to ponder on. If it’s “I’m faster,” is this a spirit who can move around so quickly that it wouldn’t set off a REM pod?

I hope to return to the Meek sometime soon and continue my exploration of the site. It’s amazing to have something like this so close to home.

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