Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): John, is This You?

I’m finding a lot of EVPs in the Sick Bay but want to know if the male whisper in these clips came from John or is a disembodied voice. I have several clips of what sounds like the same voice and it sounds too clear to be an EVP. John, is this you whispering?

Clip 1: You’ll hear Laura J say, “It [flashlight] wasn’t on when it was dark in here, it wasn’t on. It’s on now.” Then I hear a male voice say, “Oh yeah.”

Clip 2: Laura J says, “We’ll put the light on and we’ll see. Hold on,” which is followed by a male voice saying what sounds like “available” before Pam says, “All right.”

Clip 3: You’ll hear several people talking about the nurse mannequin in Sick Bay. Mike says, “Her head’s broken and she’s armless, limbless….” A male voice says, “How about that?”

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