Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): Proof of the Afterlife?

I’m about halfway through my recording for the Museum and have found a lot of things, some of which have to be EVPs. I’ll post them later.

I did want to post this one. Laura J’s group was in Marilyn’s Room on the 1st floor. (Marilyn was one of the co-founders of the Naval Air Museum.) It’s a second generation recording (from Laura J’s recording), so you’ll hear several different things going on. You’ll hear John talking about how he thinks he’s found out in the hallway the source of a clicking noise we’ve been hearing.

At 7 seconds, you’ll hear Debbie say, “Marilyn, anything you’d like us to know? Anything you want to say?” (You’ll also hear John say a few more words in real time.) Focus on the part between 17 and 20 seconds on the clip. I’ve reduced the hiss and amplified this segment in hopes that you’ll be able to hear the EVP clearly.

I distinctly hear something that suggests that we don’t just disappear or end when we physically die. Can you hear it, too, or do you hear something else entirely?

Truly profound and thought-provoking words from the Other Side.

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