Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): “Bill Clinton” Room: Beer, buds, and….

Laura J’s group had split up on the 3rd floor. Debbie and John were in the Uniform Room; Pam and Mike were in the Chief’s Office; and Laura J and I were in the “Bill Clinton” office (so named because there was a photo of him in the office; also known as Tom’s Office). Laura J and I were trying to get the spirits to convey messages to Debbie and John who were at the end of the hallway.

You’ll hear me say, “It’s a phrase [I want you to convey to them]. Are you [the spirits] ready?”

Right before this, I hear someone/something say, “Barbie.” Like the doll? That’s an odd word for the location!

Then, at the end, I hear a voice say something that sounds like fun. And all of a sudden, the first EVP makes sense. Can you make out the 2nd EVP?

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