Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): Party in the Uniform Room (3rd Floor)

The Uniform Room up on the 3rd floor was pretty active for Laura J’s group. As part of setting up, everyone put on a helmet or hat of some kind. Debbie and Laura J went so far as to put on jackets (which was a lot to put on, given how hot it was in that room). We were having a good time playing dress up and laughing. The flashlights were all on at one point, which we took to mean that the spirits were also enjoying what we were doing.

In this clip, Laura J has just told us that all the flashlights are turned on. Pam says, “They’re loving this [our playing around and having a good time].” John starts to say something about batteries. As he starts, there’s an EVP that sounds like it’s saying, “More people at the party.”

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