Shinn House (8/8/14): Help Identify a Possible EVP

I am asking for some help in confirming this EVP. I won’t tell you what room it was recorded in as that could influence what you hear.

Clip 1: In Clip 1, you’ll hear me ask the question, “I’m sitting on a mat on the floor. What is the mat made out of?” I’ve amplified the section that I think contains the possible EVP because it’s somewhat faint. What do you hear?

It’s important that I note that while my group asked questions for a quick EVP session, Michelle (who was standing out in the hallway) tagged that she could hear voices coming from some guys who were outside talking somewhat loudly. Because she’s in the hallway and not in the room with the rest of us, she can hear these human voices more clearly than we could.

Is the possible EVP in Clip 1 something that was said by the humans outside?


But here’s why I question if it’s a human voice on Clip 1. First, my DVRs weren’t able to capture any of the human voices outside with the same clarity. When I could hear the guys, it wasn’t clear enough for me to make out individual words that they were saying.

Second, the chances seem pretty low that one of those guys outside would–just by chance–say a word that just so happened to be an answer to my question.

Third, the voice saying the possible EVP sounds like a typical voice we hear when we hear EVPs.

Fourth, I really want this to be an intelligent EVP response! That would be pretty cool if it was.

In the end, I can’t say this clip provides EVP evidence because of the guys talking outside. But it raises some interesting things to think about if it IS an actual EVP. What do you think?

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